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Home Tutors in Pune

Mrs. Anshul Katiyar

Member Since 26/08/14
Premium Tutor

M.Sc, B.Ed..

All Subjects, Biology, EVS..

Overall having teaching experience of three and half year and have been teaching to create interest ..

Teaching by demonstration, daily life examples...

Home Tuition Only

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Pimple Saudagar

Ravi Shankar Shukla

Member Since 06/09/14
Premium Tutor


English, Mathematics, School level computer, Basic Computer, Computer ..

looking for an environment to spread the knowledge and experience in a better way to keep updated wi..

I Can Manage Both

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Ujjwal Kumar

Member Since 20/04/14
Premium Tutor

Pursuing PhD in Radio Astrophysics..

Physics, Mathematics..

An astrophysicist by profession, I have over 4 years of experience in teaching Physics and Mat..

I lay emphasis on getting the concepts conveyed clearly rather than memorizing things. I also..

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Prof. A. R. Patil

Member Since 06/09/11
Premium Tutor


Mathematics, Physics, Mechanical, Drawing..

Engineering subjects, XI, XII..

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Ravindra Aru

Member Since 03/02/14
Premium Tutor

BSc Bed...

All Subjects, Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics..

20 years of vast experience to students from all over Pune and from all backgrounds...

Best In The Field..

Home Tuition Only

Amol V Khandekar

Member Since 01/09/14
Premium Tutor

Btech Mechanical..

Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics..

I have been teaching maths for XII from last one year...

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Dhananjay Joshi

Member Since 27/08/14
Premium Tutor

B.Tech Electronics & Telecommunication..

Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics..

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