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Schools in Hyderabad

Bashyam Educational Institution, Guntur



Day School

  • Locality: Guntur
  • Landmark: Guntur
  • Full Address: 3rd Lane, Chandramouli Nagar, Ring Road, GUNTUR.
  • Phone No: 08632242051/58, 09948312477
  • Website:

  • About
  • Details


Bhashyam Educational Group has been tremendously successful in the field of education, because it has not waited for things to happen, but has created opportunities instead of waiting for it to knock. This proactive approach has resulted in creating many vistas for learning and setting up different verticals in the field of education to suit the varying needs of the students. In over two decades of its existence, it has delivered to the society a steady and healthy band of successful youngsters who have made a mark in their respective career charts. Bhashyam has grown tall and spread far and wide at a decent pace mainly because parents and students responded.


Bhashyam right from the inception year is known for its innovative integrated Foundation Programmes from VI to X class, which has empowered thousands of students to be successful to step into IITs, NITs, BITS, AFMC, JIPMER and so on. Bhashyam IIT (BIIT) Foundation Academy comprehensive 5-year Integrated Foundation Programme from classes VI to X is considered one of the best for the talented aspirants aiming for national level engineering and medical institutions right from the schooling. Senior IIT and Medical coaching faculty have designed this futuristic course following the National Curriculum (CBSE and ICSE) and State Board syllabus. This advanced integrated programme makes the students strong in fundamentals as well as hone their analytical and logical skills, thereby, ensuring their success in facing all challenges in the academic field.

  • Type Of School: Public
  • Grades: LKG/1-10
  • School Day: Monday - Saturday
  • Timing: 10am - 5pm
  • Gender: Co-Educational
  • Religion: All
  • Curriculum: CBSE
  • Language: English

Flip through the pages and ideas will emerge Students have books because the teacher cannot be with them at all times. Similarly, practicals in the labs are conducted to verify the theoretical knowledge. In other words, the labs and library are the logical extension of classroom learning. Bhashyam has in its library, a vast collection of books on different subjects, study materials, question banks and reference materials for the student’s reference. It also subscribes to several reputed journals. Bhashyam believes that, higher classes students should have sound practical training to substantiate theoretical expressions.The state-of-the-art labs for Botany, Zoology, Chemistry and Physics are separate and are exemplary. The equipment, specimen and facilities in these labs create the right ambience for the students to conduct experiments. Experiments are conducted by the students under the guidance of the teachers. They are also motivated to conduct Science and Math exhibitions and participate in workshops organised by mathematics, science and language departments. Bhashyam is establishing full-fledged Maths labs that make learning interesting and conceit. Wired to the past connected to the future Today in this digital era, Information Technology has become an integral part of our living style. Bhashyam has reacted to the change positively and has established a modern technology center with latest hardware and software in its residential campuses. With an ideal student-machine ratio, experienced faculty will be offering computer education to students from VI standard. It is in the process of establishing technology center in other campuses to impart information technology training. Students are exposed to computer technology and its utility from lower classes, so that they are well-versed in the latest development in this technology. Bhashyam has plans to provide broadband Internet connectivity for the students of BIIT Foundation Academy to explore and gather information on any topic during their project presentations. To improve the aural - oral and written skills, Bhashyam has setup the Modern English Language Laboratory. The course content planned in phonetics contains graded oral exercises in pronunciation, stress and accent in the order of word, sentence, and discourse levels. Not just entertainment, edutainment! To host the major events and festivals, Bhashyam has designed a spacious and well-designed open-air amphitheatre in its residential campus at Guntur. It is one of the biggest in the state that can accommodate seating for more than 1200 people. The multi-utility amphitheatre has the most modern audio-visual equipment for quality resentations. The state-of-the-art sound system helps in clear transmission of sound to all corners of the venue. Using the modern facilities here students are shown the latest movies, interesting documentaries and educational CDs. This mammoth amphitheatre is also the venue for music, plays, annual cultural and literary fests, felicitations, parents meet and celebrations of various festivals and occasions of national importance.

Extra Curricular Activities

The Art and the Grace it brings. To hone the creative talents in the students, Bhashyam has formed hobby clubs, where students can join several leisure activities like arts and crafts, music, dance, rangoli, debates, literary activities, gardening and so on. Each club has an identity, style and agenda of its own. Students could choose to be a member of any one or a group of clubs, pursue activities of interest and hone their skills. These activities under the guidance of the experienced people provide a proper channel for creative thinking and also act as safety release for bottled up emotions.
To inculcate discipline right from the childhood, activities like NCC, Scouts and Guides are also included in the regimen that train the students to be prepared for serving the nation at times of need.
A Life Saving Skill.
A Stress Relieving Activity.
To inculcate a healthy competitive spirit in the students, the school is divided into houses. Several inter-house competitions in various disciplines of sports and games are conducted to identify and encourage the talent. Excellent infrastructure and facilities are provided for the students to pursue various sports and physical training activities. In Guntur and Hyderabad, it has a standard size swimming pool with a filtration plant to provide training to students in this life saving discipline. Students learn swimming under the guidance of qualified and professional trainers. Special training in activities like martial arts, athletics and skating are also provided. Meditation and yoga classes are also conducted that help students hone their concentration skills and pay more attention in their classes.

Additional Details

Bhashyam has established day and residential schools to meet the demands of the parents to provide quality learning to their children. The course schedule followed is uniform and the standards are equally good, no matter which branch the students join. Bhashyam has several firsts to its credit, not only in bringing the new trends in education, but also in creating world-class residential schools that stand as a re_ection of its commitment and philosophy. The group has separate residential campuses for boys and girls at Guntur, Hyderabad, Vizag and Tirupati. These residential campuses are scientifically planned, artistically designed and precisely constructed to groom the global citizens. Students joining the course will have the freedom to relish their childhood to the fullest as well as enjoy learning. Appealing landscapes, aesthetic architecture, and the tranquil ambience make it a great
place to pursue education.


Day School

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