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Schools in Hyderabad

Brahmam Talent High School, S. R. Nagar



Day School

  • Locality: S. R. Nagar
  • Landmark: S. R. Nagar
  • Full Address: Vengalrao nagar, SR X Nagar, Hyderabad - 500038.
  • Phone No: 040 - 23814066, 9491241720
  • Email:
  • Website:

  • About
  • Details


The school envisions to make every child a winner. As such we target for excellence not only in academics, but also to provide exemplary training grounds in all other fields- sports, fine arts, performing arts etc. Brahmam Talent High Scholl draws inspiration from the life and works of Dr. Homi J. Bhabha. His zeal, dedication and patriotism are the guiding principles for our students. The school envisions to make every child a winner. revealing, and strengthening the inner potential of each individual in the school- be it students, teachers or the administrative staff. The school is contributing intensively in churning out a value oriented society.

     The Science Lab is divided into Physics, Biology& Chemistry Sections. Our well-equipped lab is used to conduct a wide range of experiments in Chemistry & Physics to explain concepts based on light, energy, heat, magnetization, sound, chemical reactions etc. The Biology section is equipped with excellent models of the eye, ear, teeth, heart, etc. These models make great teaching aids and increase the learning of Biology. Besides, there are a number of preserved specimens of animals such as fish, life cycle of frog, butterfly, earthworm, roundworm etc.

     The Lab also displays numerous charts related to Chemistry, Physics, & Biology topics which give wonderful visual representations and makes it easy for students to grasp difficult concept effortlessly. Indoor Games: In addition to outdoor activities, the School offers a wide range of play equipments providing uninterrupted opportunity to the students to play, especially during the rainy season. Some of the indoor games equipment includes Table Tennis, Chess, and Carroms etc.


  • Nursery to XII grade
  • SSC Board Board
  • English Medium
  • Day School
  • Co-ed School
  • School provides transportation
  • Total 950 students
  • 25 students per class
  • Student/Teacher ratio: 115

  • Type Of School: Public
  • Grades: Nursery/1-12
  • School Day: Monday - Saturday
  • Timing: 8.30 am - 5.00 pm
  • Gender: Co-Educational
  • Religion: All
  • Principal: KV Brahmam
  • Curriculum: CBSE
  • Language: English

Library: To cater to the inquisitive needs of young minds, to inculcate good reading habits. the school has a library. It offers a myriad of books, encyclopedias, literary books, language games, magazines, journals etc… The library treasures books from different parts of the globe. Language Lab:
   English language lab provides the facility for a student to listen to the pre recorded content of linguistic experts, which helps them standardize their accent and pronunciation. It is a platform for learning, practicing and producing skills through interactive lessons. It helps maintain good linguistic competence. It develops pragmatic competence and enables the learner to produce contextualization written text and speeches.

    The School premises covers a built-up floor area of 22000 Sq.ft. The building is well-ventilated with a safe and student-friendly environment. The classes are well-maintained and decorated with students' works displayed on Bulletin Boards to give them a sense of pride. Each floor has a floor in-charge to look after the needs of the classes on that respective floor and to ensure the cleanliness and hygiene of their area. There are separate wash rooms for boys and girls on each floor. Dedicated maids ensure that the wash rooms remain clean at all times.
    The Pre-Primary classes are filled with Montessori materials to help tiny tots learn the concept of colors, numbers etc. On the Ground Floor is an exclusive play area with a play pen, swings, climbers, sand pit etc. for the little ones to enjoy the outdoors. BTHS recognizes the importance of technology in today's teaching. Children tend to grasp concepts easily and learn better through visuals. To promulgate this belief, we have installed Power Boards to enhance the learning process. Our classrooms are equipped with wide panel display systems, computers and interactive Board Systems which help the students and teachers to improve their academic performance and productivity respectively.

Science Lab:
    Experiment and practical work is essential for learning Science and Technology. The school has a well equipped and well stocked Physics, Chemistry, Biology and General Science to explain the basic concepts. This section is equipped with excellent models, specimens, picture charts and educational CDs.
Art room:
    To enable students express their ideas through colors, school has a well designed art room. Students can choose a variety of options available and experiment with oil paintings, crayons, glass paintings etc..
Dance room:
    Classical and western style of dances are taught to students by professionals. The   performances are stages in various school events, spread over the year.
Music room:
    Western and Indian vocal, instrumental is taught. Children can practice and enjoy playing different forms of music.
Computer Lab:
    Information and technology has become an integral part of our daily life. Students are provided with computer education in this tech – savvy world. Our lab is well equipped with latest high end technology and internet facilities. Faculty assists the students to browse the internet in a filtered way, instruct them how to gather information related to their projects. Students surf and browse, under guidance to keep them abreast of what is happening across the world. 
Indoor Games:
    In addition to outdoor activities, the School offers a wide range of play equipments providing uninterrupted opportunity to the students to play, especially during the rainy season. Some of the indoor games equipment includes Table Tennis, Chess, and Carroms etc.
Mineral Water Plant::
    The drinking water we provide at BTHS is as safe as boiled water courtesy the RO Mineral Water Plant that we have especially installed in the premises. The Water Plant was established to safeguard our children and the faculty from water borne diseases – a fact often overlooked in many schools.
Medical Facilities:
    The School has well-equipped First Aid facilities with a person assigned to attend to minor casualties and illnesses. BTHS organizes and conducts regular health check-ups on a quarterly basis. From time to time doctors conduct seminars for teachers and students on various health issues as well.
Play Ground:
    In addition to the existing playground in the school premises, we have also made alternate arrangements for carrying out sporting activities and outdoor games. A large piece of land near the school has been reserved for this purpose so that our students are in no way compromised as far as outdoor activity is concerned.

Indoor Games:
    In addition to outdoor activities, the School offers a wide range of play equipments providing uninterrupted opportunity to the students to play, especially during the rainy season. Some of the indoor games equipment includes Table Tennis, Chess, and Carroms etc.

Extra Curricular Activities

  • Social Studies
  • Science
  • Mathematics
  • Computer Science
  • Physical Education
  • Language
  • Arts
  • Music
  • Dance & Painting

Additional Details

Brahman Talent High School pioneers in the field of knowledge. Its mission is to provide a stimulating learning atmosphere that focuses on each individual and maximizes individual potential, thereby equipping each student to confidently face challenges in life and contribute positively to the society. The school envisions making every child a winner, revealing and strengthening the inner potential of each individual in the school – being it students, teachers or administrative staff.     A holistic profile is provided to the learner through regular assessment of both scholastic as well as co-scholastic areas. A holistic approach towards education is strengthened keeping in view the vitality of the classroom, the energy of the playing fields and the open friendliness of the work environment. The school shapes the destines of each individual entering its fold. Our well equipped labs are used to conduct a wide range of experiments in Chemistry and Physics to deal with topics which are conceptual based. Excellent models of human body equip the teacher for a good support system of teaching and also enhance the insight of the child in learning the subject. The preserved specimens of animals foster an inquisitive spirit and a scientific temper among the young children. Through the practical sessions in lab children learn to reason connect ideas and think logically. Children will have a scientific understanding. A spectrum of activities is leveraged to cater to the palate of the young minds including drawing, painting, coloring, clay work, craft, origami, physical training, yoga, karate, music, elocution, dramatization, story reading, dancing etc. As we step into the second decade of millennium technology should be inter – woven into the teaching process enhancing the curriculum.     The smart edge classrooms enable the multi sensory approach, where all five senses are tapped, which leave a lasting impact on the young minds. A child possesses the ability to pick language at a very tender age. English is a language being acknowledged globally. A structured language curriculum under the guidance of expert teachers has been designed. Our English language lab provides the facility to listen to linguistic experts. Each child is bestowed with a creative intelligence. Rote memory is discouraged in order stir up the dormant creativity that lies in the child. Training for critical learning, logical thinking and imparting soft skills is also emphasized.     Field trips provide a good recreation to the child from the daily chores and also enable them to practically see what they have learnt in their books. They can also quench their thirst for insight of knowledge. We encourage field trips all through the year. Sports provide a break from routine. Games and sports form an integral part of school curriculum. It’s our constant Endeavour to encourage children participate in Intra school and inter school games and sports. To encourage healthy competition, character building and physical stamina school provides faculty for playing various games like swimming, football, cricket, badminton, table tennis, athletics, basket ball etc. In continuation with our efforts to foster an all round development of our students, they will be imparted practical lessons in the development of life skills. The different clubs focus on the Integrated personality development of the child. The school also fosters for the cognitive skill, gross of fine motor skills of the tiny tots through several activities. Focus is also on the development of psycho-motor skills to regulate one’s impulses.
     Examinations are the test of knowledge and ability. To inculcate in the student the competitive spirit and to evaluate the aptitude and knowledge of subject, here at BTHS we encourage students to write a no. of competitive exam conducted internally and externally like NTSE, Homi J. Bhabha, SOF, NSO, Humming Bird, AMTI, Smart Olympiad, NSTSE, Ramanujan talent, APAMT etc.
Our aim to is to provide holistic development of the child. Sky is not the limit.
    There are footprints on the moon too.


Day School

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