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Schools in Pune

Sardar Dastur Hormazdiar High School



Day School

  • Locality: Pune H.O.
  • Landmark: Pune H.O.
  • Full Address: 1, Tarapore Road, Pune - 411001.
  • Phone No: 020 - 26341373
  • Email:
  • Website:

  • About
  • Details


Sardar Dastur Hormazdiar High School is a recognized co-educational Secondary School founded on 24thFebruary, 1998 and is a charitable minority institution under the charitable minority trust. It admits pupils without any distinction of caste or creed, in classes from V to X.  The pupils are prepared for the Secondary School Certificate Examination, the Drawing Examination of the Government of Maharashtra(Elementary and Intermediate),the Mathematics Scholarship examination for Std. VII and  various other scholarship and competitive exams. The medium of instruction is English. Hindi and Marathi are compulsory subjects in all classes. Students from Std. V onwards are introduced to Computer Education. Students of std VII and VIII participate in RSP and Scouts. The students are divided into four houses Red (Wadia), Violet (Bhabha), Yellow (Dastur) and Green (Tata) for encouraging a healthy, competitive and co-operative spirit.  Students are encouraged to participate in extra curricular activities.  The school has its own band and choir.  Karate is a compulsory activity for Std V, VI , VII and is optional for Std VIII. Elocution is also incorporated in the syllabus. Music, art and craft are taught to students of Std V-VIII. We also encourage students to participate in various inter-school competitions.  Sports is given its due importance. Special attention is given to co-curricular activities as they play an important part in a child’s education. It helps to develop physical attributes, moral and aesthetic values and sharpens and enriches the intellect.  Debates, Dramatics, Elocution Competitions are arranged for this purpose.  The children are also encouraged to make use of the library and to participate in various interschool activities. The school has a Counselor and a Remedial teacher. The Counselor deals with the various problems that children may face in their school life while the  Remedial teacher guides the children with learning difficulties. Special stress is laid throughout on making a student mentally and physically alert and also fully aware of his / her obligations towards God, Parents, himself / herself, his / her country and his / her fellowmen.


  • CBSE Board
  • Co-ed School

  • Type Of School: Private
  • Grades: 1-10/1-6
  • School Day: Monday - Friday
  • Timing: 8:45am - 3:30pm
  • Gender: Co-Educational
  • Religion: All
  • Curriculum: CBSE
  • Language: English

  • 3 large courtyards.
  • Spacious, well-ventilated classrooms.
  • More than 5 acres of play-fields for cricket, soccer, basketball, rugby, skating, roll-ball, hand-ball, karate and yoga/aerobics.
  • Well equipped labs for Science and Technology and computers.
  • All-inclusive libraries with reading rooms and a Music Room.
  • Sports-room for indoor games like table-tennis, chess, carrom and scrabble.

Extra Curricular Activities

The school firmly believes in the doctrine- “HEALTHY MIND IN A HEALTHY BODY” and lays a lot of emphasis on ensuring physical fitness of the students. For facilitating the same, the school has decided on Five Focus games namely-cricket, football, handball, karate & yoga- aerobics. Apart from these, introduction to various other sports activities like athletics, rugby, skating, roll ball, judo, fencing, archery etc. will be ensured. Games are considered to be an integral part of the school curriculum and every opportunity is given to the students to take an active part in games, as games develop character. Games are played on an Inter-Class, Inter-House and Inter-School Level. Music is an integral part of the school curriculum. During their music lessons students are taught various western songs due to which they learn to appreciate western music. Their knowledge and understanding of music is enriched along with their vocal skills. The School participates in Choir Festivals on a regular basis.  Students with creative musical abilities are trained to play various brass, reed and percussion instruments like the saxophone, cymbals, and drum. Their talents are refined and honed by a professional band instructor. Students get the opportunity to exhibit their talent during celebrations on various occassions.

Additional Details

To perpetuate the memory of a great scholar and his love and affection for his fellowmen, the first of the Sardar Dastur Schools was inaugurated in February 1893 A.D. by Khan Bahadur Meher Hoshang Dastur.  From a humble beginning, catering to the educational needs of the Zoroastrians in and around Pune, the institution soon grew into an English medium school for girls of all communities.  The name Sardar Dastur Nosherwan Girls’ High School is a landmark, having completed a century of educational service, and has attained wide recognition. The Sardar Dastur Hoshang Boys’ High School was established in January 1912 A.D. to perpetuate the memory of Sardar Dastur Hoshang Jamasp. With a growing demand for a school at Primary/Nursery levels the Bai Najamai Noshirwan Dastur Primary & Nursery Schools came into being in 1953 A.D., a new spacious building is now added to impart education in a better environment and reduce the student teacher ratio. The Dastur family has dedicated itself to the continuous expansion and modernization of the schools to meet the ever increasing demand for better education.  In this spirit,the Sardar Dastur Hormazdiar High School was founded in 1998 A.D by Sardar Dastur Hormazdiar Noshirwan Kaikobad Dastur. This is a co-educational school which imparts quality education with the aim of creating conscientious citizens of tomorrow.


Day School

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