How to Become a Spoken English teacher & Get Students?

Dec 06, 2022

English is the most popular language used for communication and businesses worldwide. There are multiple benefits in terms of employment opportunities for those fluent in speaking this English. So, if you have the necessary prowess in English and love the profession of teaching, becoming a spoken English tutor can be rewarding enough.

You can help students in developing their skills to converse fluently in English and also help them in enriching their vocabulary and grammar skills.

Best 8 tips to follow to become successful spoken English teachers:

To become skilled and successful spoken English teachers having a vast student base, individuals can follow these tips:

1) Earn necessary educational degree:

In order to become a successful spoken English teacher, you need to have at least a bachelor’s degree or equivalent in English language. Apart from this, it would help if you get a post-graduation degree in the same field. This would help to increase your credibility as a teacher. 

To become a better tutor in a reputed institution, college or university, you can also get a TESOL or TEFL certificate. These certifications will help you in expanding your skill set as a teacher. In addition to learning the basics of teaching spoken English, it will also assist you with lesson planning and classroom management.

2) Sharpen your spoken English skills:

After educational certifications, another important thing that matters in becoming a spoken English teacher is, of course, your English speaking skills. So, ensure to sharpen your English speaking skills.

You can also take the help of a coach or a conversational partner to improve your English speaking skills. Even you can work on some additional coursework to make your language and speaking skills suitable for the tutoring role.

3) Develop your teaching personality:

Personality is one of the most important things that matter when it comes to the teaching profession. A teacher with an excellent personality can motivate and inspire students by making the subject matter interesting for them. They have a better understanding of their students and know that every student has different learning capabilities, and thus can cater to their needs accordingly.

Also, their classes are more student-centred, i.e., they allow their students to engage more. So, successful spoken English teachers should develop his/her personality in a way that students can comfortably engage with them. In this way, they will make the desired progress.

4) Choose the mode of teaching:

Tutoring is undoubtedly one of the most flexible career paths right now one can choose. Whatever part of India you are residing in currently, you can work as a spoken English teacher in Delhi, Noida, Hyderabad, Pune or any other place at your convenience.

You can enrol yourself in institutions or offer one-to-one classes at your place or the students. You may also opt for online classes via multiple platforms. The more flexible teaching modes you are open to, the higher would be the chances of getting more students.

5) Develop your improvisation skills:

Lesson plans always do not go as planned. There are some classroom activities that you need to implement at the time when the situation demands. To become an excellent spoken English teacher, you should be creative in teaching varied lessons. Your students will only find interest in your class if you keep trying out new, innovative things in the classroom.

So, keep trying out new things, and with time, you will be able to build up a reputation for having engaging and interactive classes. This will help to attract more students.

6) Try to become a better teacher:

Keeping yourself restricted to learning and teaching methods will never help you in improving your skills. So, in order to become a successful tutor and expand your horizons, you should create a list of objectives and continually try to fulfil them.

One of the best ways of doing so is through peer assessment. You can ask your co-workers to go through some of your classes and give feedback on that. This will help you identify your faults and weaknesses. Once you know about that, you should keep working on it to improve yourself.

7) Get experience as a spoken English teacher:

Before getting yourself into a teaching profession, one must need to be confident enough in their subject knowledge. So, before switching your role to a full-time spoken English teacher, you must gain some teaching experience by teaching different age groups and using distinct skill levels.

This will prevent you from future classroom nervousness, and you will be able to handle all challenges and obstructions that come your way.

8) Advertise yourself on different platforms:

Never forget to advertise your tutoring skills on different platforms. Like posting about your skills and services on different social communities on Facebook, Instagram, etc.! You can also post about your class prices and qualifications for the same. Apart from this, you can also advertise your spoken English teachering skills via brochures, flyers, etc.

These are some of the most effective tips that can help in optimising skills as spoken English teachers.

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