How to improve the online education system in India?

Nov 08, 2022

The educational system in India has evolved past the traditional systems of old. Tutors and students have easily transitioned from the traditional educational system to online education. However, as it is with everything great, there is still room to improve the online education system in India.

Online education has significantly impacted many aspects of life in India. Irrespective of the impact so far, we believe that there is room for improvement. Here, we will be taking a look at some of the things that can help improve online education in India.

What problems is the Indian education system recently facing?

Every educational system comes with its unique upsides and downsides. No matter the time put into developing any educational system, there will always be obstacles. India is no exception to this. The educational system has a vision, but there are lots of challenges. Here are some of them.

Lack of Resources:

One thing that significantly impacts traditional and online education in India is the economy. Even with the nation's high GDP, the country's poor economy plays a big part in the poor state of the educational system. Students do not get enough educational material – online and offline – making it difficult to get the best. Specific scientific projects are not even possible because of a lack of equipment.

Questionable Teacher Quality:

For traditional and online teaching to yield great results. There have to be qualified teachers to guide them through their education. However, the Indian schooling system lacks the availability of enough professionals. Many tutors are authoritative and find it difficult to pass information across to students. This leaves students pushing to pass rather than understand, which means failure already.

Excessive pressure:

Learning (whether traditional schooling or online learning) can sometimes be difficult to handle. Sure, it is one experience that helps students cope with the difficult situations they might experience later on in life. However, most of these students are put under much more pressure than they can handle. In 2021, there were about 13.089 student deaths as a result of the pressure in the system.

Outdated Instructional delivery:

Another challenge of the Indian educational system is the use of outdated systems. The faculties are outdated, with teachers using old techniques to educate students. This leaves students without the updated skills required to thrive in the 21st century.

How can we improve the online education system in India?

With many complications in the traditional educational system in India, online education is the growing face of education. However, there is room for improvement. Here are some of the best ways we can improve the online education system in India:

  • Build a personal connection with students: rather than trying to just instruct them and trying to be teachers, online education should focus on building relationships.
  • Motivate students: online learning is not easy in India. For this reason, online tutors should try to motivate students whenever possible.
  • Create a community sense: this involves allowing students to know one another. This should involve students sharing their knowledge whenever they can.
  • Increase student engagement: to keep the enthusiasm going, you must ensure proper student engagement. This allows them to share their interests and prevents them from getting uninterested.

Important features Indian Edu-Tech industries can introduce

To improve online learning in India, there are certain additions the Edu-Tech industry can bring to the table. These features will make online learning a lot more interesting for students. Some of these features include:

  • Artificial intelligence
  • Augmented reality
  • Virtual reality


Online teaching is the future of education in India. However, the system faces a lot of challenges. We have examined some of the challenges in the system. We have also examined how the online education system in India can improve.
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