Impact of Online Education in India

Nov 08, 2022

There is no doubt that online learning is the future of education. It can change education and reform education, making it open to all. The impact of online education in India is evident for all to see, as it has eliminated the need to rely on the old ways of learning.

With the help of technological advancements, online learning has made many people in India open to learning. Concerning the ease with which it is transmitted, it is a firm favorite amongst many Indian youths and scholars. Therefore, we will be examining the impact it has had since its inception.

Impact of online education in India:

If you're wondering whether online education has impacted India, the results are clear and open. 

Increased Gross Enrolment ratio (GER):

According to the Ministry of Education, since the inception of online education and learning, the gross enrolment ratio has drastically increased. People are a lot more open to learning now than ever and this can improve the economy of the nation.

Comfortable learning:

Not everyone is comfortable with talking in public – particularly in school. The National Institute of Mental Health states that more than 73% of students have this anxiety. Rather than allowing them to face the pressure, the shift to online learning has made education more comfortable for such individuals. They find it easier to break out of this fear without the pressure of learning online.

Improved digital tools proficiency:

Only a handful of individuals have the necessary digital skills even when they are educated. This has, however, changed with online learning. This also has opened the minds of individuals to the possibility of learning more which is a great advantage.

Improved tuition culture:

India is a nation rich in culture that has been passed on for many generations. This culture includes the traditional schooling system. This system puts pressure on students and how they learn. However, online education allows easy access to learning materials, time planning, and less confusion.

Affordable education:

Offline education is getting expensive with every passing day. This leaves people with the option of either forgetting about education or sacrificing a lot to get educated. Online education is a more affordable and cost-effective way of learning. Students get a well-organized learning experience without worrying about expensive tuition fees.

How Can Online Education Be Improved?

Online education and learning is a great platform for easy access to education. However, there are still many benefits and drawbacks of online learning. This leaves room for improvement and this bodes the question "how can online education be improved." Here are some of the best ways:

  • Allow students to share their screen

Online education is great but it can feel one-sided without interaction. Many people have bright ideas regarding the information they receive and how to solve problems. Allowing them to share their screens and ideas is one way to improve the learning experience.

  • Make good use of the chat function

A lot of online learning classes are one-sided. This is because tutors teach and students listen. However, this gets boring. For greater interaction, the chat function should be used a lot more. This makes it interesting, interactive, and engaging for everyone participating. 

  • Allow feedback period

If there is one thing that online education can get a lot more of, it is a period for feedback. This allows students to give feedback on what they think about the class. It also lets tutors know the part of their course that lacks information. This is a win-win scenario and makes online learning a lot better. 

  • Form learning communities

People love to feel like they are part of something other than just themselves. With online learning, there should be room for community creation. It is a great place to share ideas and also a great place to leave useful information for others.

  • Have time for one-on-ones

It might seem like a difficult task, but tutors should have one-on-one meetings with their students. This is a time when students talk about what could be done better. This makes them feel like they are a part of something rather than just a place where they listen every time.

Our Personal Opinion:

Online education has significantly impacted India, as we have seen from all the benefits highlighted here. Is there room for improvement? Yes, as we have pointed out. If you need an online platform for hiring tutors, you can visit MyPrivateTutor today. Here you get the most experienced and certified online tutors ready to help with any online course you have. All you need to do is request a tutor and leave the rest to us.

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