Know the Best Age to Start Guitar Classes for Your Kids

Nov 23, 2022

The guitar is one of the most popular musical instruments worldwide. There are many parents who often plan to arrange guitar classes for their kids. However, most parents are confused about the right age for their child to take up guitar lessons. 

If you are one of them, check out the following sections!

When can your child start learning guitar?

According to experts, the perfect age to start guitar lessons is around 6 to 7 years. However, it may differ according to the development and capabilities of the child. Every human being differs from others with respect to maturity, skills and expertise. Thus, it is difficult to assume the ideal age for learning guitar for every individual.

You can start your child’s guitar sessions once he/she can comfortably hold a small guitar. Besides, it’s important they can press the strings flexibly with their fingers. So, it depends on your child’s acceptance and interest when they can start learning this stringed musical instrument.

6 signs your child is ready to take up guitar classes:


Besides looking for the right age to teach your child to play the guitar, you need to check how long they can focus on a particular task. The recommended time for a child to stay focused on playing the guitar as per experts, is about 30 minutes. So, if your child can focus for at least 30 minutes in the initial stages, he or she is ready to take the classes.


Nothing can be learnt or taught without interest in that particular subject. The same goes for learning guitar. So, you need to know about your child’s interests before admitting him or her to guitar classes. Learning guitar is easier if the learner has ample interest in it.

If your child is interested in playing the guitar even before getting 7 years old, they can proceed further. The decided age parameter is for reference only; there’s no need to follow it blindly. What speaks is your kid’s interest towards the instrument.

Basic finger dexterity:

Finger dexterity is one of the most important aspects of learning guitar. If your child has basic finger dexterity, it will help them play the guitars swiftly. Though there is no basic age limit to acquiring proper dexterity, it generally remains low for younger kids and older people. Moreover, it can vary from one person to the other.

Thus, the finger agility of your five-year-old can be different from another five-year-old kid. So, when you notice the proper dexterity in your kids, enrol them in a guitar class.


Age is not a primary factor if your child is mature enough to take guitar classes. Kids should be mentally prepared and enough matured to understand their teacher’s direction and notations. If you notice that promising maturity and confidence in your child, do not bother about their age.

One of your children may be prepared at quite an early age to learn guitar, while the other might not be prepared at 10. So, if your child is confidently ready to learn guitar, it’s time to get them a guitar soon!


Motivation speaks where skills start fading away! Your kid may be skilled enough to play amazing tunes on his guitar, but his excellence can get interrupted if he feels demotivated at any point. So, your child should always stay motivated while taking the lessons. As a parent, you can motivate your kid and help them practice for the required time. Proper practice will help them learn and play even better.

Time management

Last but not least, a child should take time from the daily chores to play guitar. Kids who are prepared to take guitar classes will schedule their studies and other routine tasks accordingly to make time for practice. So, if you notice that urge in your child to manage time for this musical instrument, you can appoint a guitar teacher for their lessons.

Tips to follow while starting a guitar class:

Here are some much-needed tips that can brush up your kid’s guitar-playing skills:

  • It is essential to play the right guitar for the right age group. A guitar comes in multiple sizes, e.g., full size, half size, etc. So, while buying a guitar for your kid, you should consider your child’s comfort.
  • Light-gauge guitar strings are easier to press for a beginner than hard ones. So, if you are buying a guitar for your kids, make sure it has light-gauge strings.
  • Guitar picks are helpful for younger kids with soft fingers. So, always get the perfect guitar picks for your child.
  • Tuning the guitars will help your kids play melodious tunes. So, get an electric tuner along with your guitar.

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