MHT CET Preparation Tips and a Brief Guide for Aspirants.

Nov 06, 2023

The Maharashtra Common Entrance Test (MHT CET) is a yearly entrance examination administered by the Government of Maharashtra for aspiring candidates to enrol in pharmacy and engineering programs in different colleges across Maharashtra. The Maharashtra Common Entrance Test Cell is responsible for organising and administering the MHT CET exam for students to pursue their careers by enrolling on undergraduate and postgraduate courses. 

A. Eligibility Criteria for MHT CET Pharmacy

To be eligible for the MHT CET Pharmacy exam, candidates must check the eligibility criteria.

Nationality – Candidates must hold Indian citizenship.

Educational Qualification – Aspiring students must have passed the 12th or equivalent test from a recognised institution or board with chemistry and physics as mandatory subjects. These subjects must be accompanied by one of the subjects from Mathematics or Biology or Biotechnology. Further, candidates must pass the qualifying exam with a minimum of 45% marks (40% categories with disability and backward class limited to only the state of Maharashtra) in the relevant subjects.

Note: Students continuing their 12th board or appearing in the exam are eligible to take a seat for the MHT CET Pharmacy exam.

Age Limit - There is no specific age limit mentioned for attempting the MHT CET.

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B. Exam Pattern and Syllabus

1. Subjects Covered in the Exam

The MHT CET Pharmacy exam covers Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry and Biology. Candidates who are willing to be admitted to the Pharmacy program must take the mandatory subjects Physics and Chemistry and can opt for either Mathematics or Biology. 

The exam is conducted for two groups in computer-based mode. Group 1 comprises Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics (PCM), and Group 2 comprises Physics, Chemistry and Biology (PCB). Candidates have the choice of appearing in both groups or can attempt only one. 

Students can study the below-mentioned chapters from the Class 11 syllabus since it has less weightage than Class 12. The class 12 syllabus has a greater weightage; therefore, students are advised to cover all the topics from the subjects mentioned above.

Physics – Gravitation, Laws of Motion, Electrostatics, Motion in a plane, Thermal properties of matter, Optics, Sound, Semiconductors.

Chemistry –Basic concepts of chemistry, Redox reactions, Adsorption and colloids, States of Matter, Chemical Bonding, Hydrocarbons, Structure of atoms, Organic chemistry, Elements of groups 1 and 2.

Biology – Biomolecules, Human Nutrition, Osmoregulation, Respiration, Excretion, Energy Transfer.

Mathematics – Probability, Circle, Permutations and Combinations, Complex Numbers, Straight Line, Trigonometry II, Measures of Dispersion, Limits, Functions, Continuity. 

2. Weightage of Each Subject

The MHT CET Pharmacy exam follows a specific weightage distribution, with 20% weightage assigned to the Class 11 syllabus and 80% weightage assigned to the Class 12 syllabus. Candidates can refer to the provided table to understand the subject-wise weightage in the exam.



No. of Questions from Class 11

No. of Questions from Class 12

Marks per question

Total Mark


Paper I






90 mins

Paper II






90 mins





Paper III






90 mins

CTA_MHT CET Preparation

3. Marking Scheme and Duration of the Exam

The total mark for Group 1 (PCM) is 200 marks, and For Group 2 (PCB) is 200 marks. The MHT CET Pharmacy exam has no negative marking. For both groups, the exam duration is 180 minutes in total. 

Preparation Strategies for MHT CET Pharmacy

A. Creating a Study Plan

1. Setting Realistic Goals – Candidates are advised to set realistic goals for MHT CET Pharmacy exam preparation. Creating a study plan and dividing the subjects into smaller portions can help prepare for the exam in an organised way.

2. Allocating Time for Each Subject – Candidates must go through the MHT CET Pharmacy syllabus to understand the difficult subjects. Allocate time for each subject and give more focus to the challenging topics. 

B. Recommended Books and Study Materials

For preparation for MHT CET Pharmacy, recommended books and study materials include Class 11 and Class 12 books, reference books and practise previous year’s questions. Candidates can follow online tutorials for better comprehension of the topics. 

C. Mock Tests and Previous Year Question Papers

1. Importance of Mock Tests:

Attempting Mock Tests are beneficial for candidates to better comprehend the test format and difficulty level of questions. 

2. Analysing Performance and Identifying Weak Areas:

Candidates taking the mock tests and practising the previous year's questions can easily analyse their performance, identify the weak areas, and address these mistakes to ensure they don’t occur again.

D. Seeking Guidance from Teachers and Mentors

Candidates can seek guidance and advice from mentors and teachers regarding MHT CET Pharmacy exam preparation. Candidates can clear their doubts, discuss strategies and get effective tips to solve the questions easily during the exam.

E. Effective Time Management Techniques

Candidates need to follow a timetable to manage their time for preparing for the MHT CET Pharmacy. Prioritising the topics based on the weightage and starting solving sample papers can help in getting familiarised with the questions giving time for revising the topics.

CTA_MHT CET Preparation

Tips for Acing the MHT CET Pharmacy Exam

A. Understanding the Question Paper Pattern

One of the successful tips for acing the MHT CET Pharmacy exam is understanding the question paper pattern. Candidates develop self-confidence when they are acquainted with the test pattern. As a result, aspiring students tend to do well in the exam.

B. Practising Time Management During the Exam

An effective way to manage time during the exam is to first have a glance at the sections and identify the difficulty level. Solve the easy questions first and leave the difficult questions for last. Don’t forget to leave time for reviewing the answers before submitting the paper.

C. Focusing on Accuracy and Speed

During the MHT CET Pharmacy exam, accuracy and speed are important. Candidates have a chance to attempt wrong answers while focusing on speed. To maintain a balance and focus for accuracy and speed, candidates must carefully read the question and attempt confidently without making random guesses.

D. Utilising the Marking Scheme to Maximise Scores

Candidates are advised to go through the marking scheme of the MHT CET Pharmacy exam to maximise their scores. Candidates attempting maths should be aware of the paper with 2 marks for each question. Plan and focus accordingly to ace the MHT CET exam.

Post-Exam Procedures

A. Exam Result and Score Calculation

To check the MHT CET exam results, candidates are advised to check the official website. Candidates need to sign in using their roll number to view the results. 

The Percentile Score of a candidate is determined by comparing their raw score with the scores of other candidates in the same session. The calculation involves dividing the number of candidates who achieved a raw score equal to or lower than the candidate's score by the total number of candidates in that session and multiplying by 100 to obtain the percentile score. 

B. Counselling and Seat Allotment Process

1. Choice Filling and Seat Matrix:

The MHT CET counselling process comprises online registration, uploading necessary documents and counselling fee payment. After completing the registration process, candidates participating in MHT CET counselling will have the opportunity to enter their web options. This involves filling out an online form where candidates can choose their preferred colleges and courses. Candidates need to be attentive while filling out the option form to ensure the best possible outcome. The MHT CET seat allotment is based on merit, preferences, and seat availability. Candidates must confirm their seats by reporting to the allotted institute and paying the tuition fees.

2. Document Verification and Reporting to Allotted College:

For document verification for the MHT CET Counselling process, candidates need to bring a hard copy (printout) of their counselling form, admit card, academics certificate, mark sheets, identification proof and category certificate. Upon seat allotment, candidates must download their allotment letter for MHT CET and report to the allotted college to choose their desired option for the allocated seat.

CTA_MHT CET Preparation

Benefits of Pursuing Pharmacy through MHT CET

A. Wide Range of Career Opportunities: Aspiring students who are willing to pursue Pharmacy can take the MHT CET test, which opens doors to a wide range of career paths in the pharmaceutical field. This involves the study of Ayurveda, known as BAMS, Nursing courses or MBBS.

B. Recognition and Accreditation of MHT CET Pharmacy Colleges: Candidates can enrol at some recognised and accredited MHT CET Pharmacy Colleges such as the Institute of Chemical Technology (ICT), Mumbai; Bombay College of Pharmacy (BCP), Mumbai; and RTMNU, Nagpur.

C. Networking and Professional Development: Candidates who are selected through the MHT CET Pharmacy exam have the opportunity for professional development and networking in pharmaceutical fields. They can work with highly skilled professors and pharmacists and attend workshops and conferences to develop their skills. 


The MHT CET serves as a gateway for aspiring students who are willing to pursue their careers in the pharmaceutical field. The exam helps students to get admission into the top colleges or universities offering Pharmacy courses in Maharashtra. Candidates are advised to start early preparation for the MHT CET Pharmacy exam to increase the chance of securing a seat in a recognised pharmacy college.

Early preparation gives enough time to prepare every subject and improve in those areas thoroughly. With dedication, focus and determination, one can get nearer to cracking the MHT CET Pharmacy exam.

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