What are the Eligibility Criteria to Become C++ teachers

Dec 18, 2022

Knowing a programming language itself opens a vast range of high-paying career opportunities. C++ is one of the major programming languages worldwide. 

So, if you are efficient in C++ language and have a passion for teaching, then what else can be better than becoming a C++ teacher? C++ tutors are always in high demand because this versatile language has rising popularity in reputed organisations like Google, Facebook, etc. But before becoming a professional C++ teacher, you must be fully aware of the eligibility criteria for becoming a C++ teacher.

Eligibility criteria for becoming a C++ teacher

According to TIOBE Index, C++ is the fourth most popular programming language now and there are enormous job prospects. To be honest, if you have a passion for learning a subject and a willingness to teach it to others, then that’s the only criterion to become a teacher. However, it is necessary to meet some specific criteria to become eligible for teaching C++ programming language. 

1. Educational qualifications:f

For becoming a tutor in India, educational qualification is one of the essential criteria that an individual needs to fulfil. To become a C++ teacher in Delhi, Gurgaon, Pune, or any other part of India, there are some basic educational qualifications that an individual must possess.

The candidate should have passed any of these examinations:

  • Completed Class 12 with any stream with a minimum of 55% marks and must have passed BCA (Bachelor of Computer Applications) with a good GDPA score
  • Studied Class 12 with any stream with a minimum of 50% marks and must have passed DCA (Diploma in Computer Applications) with a good GDPA score
  • Completed DCA and must have passed PGDCA (PG Diploma in Computer Applications)
  • Completed Class 12 with Science stream with a minimum of 60% marks and must have passed BE in Computer Science with a good GDPA score
  • Done BCA (Bachelor of Computer Applications) with a fair GDPA score and pursuing MCA from a reputed institution/university.
  • Completed BCA (Bachelor of Computer Applications) and passed MCA from a reputed institution/university with a fair GDPA score.

These are some primary educational qualifications that candidates should have to become C++ teachers. Apart from that, if a candidate wants to teach in any school, then a B.Ed degree in any PCM subject will be helpful.

2. Have to be a tech-lover:

This is another eligibility criterion that is pretty essential for a programming language tutor. You must have an enthusiastic mind, inquisitive of learning and be fond of developing new skills to become a C++ teacher. This is because technology is rapidly changing, so if you don’t keep yourself updated and keep pace with technology, it will be impossible to make a place in this field.

3. Good command of the subject:

Candidates who have a sound knowledge regarding the course contents or syllabus of the subject as per individual learner’s stage can teach their students effectively. Some of the basic course content that they should know includes:

  • C++ program structure
  • Basics of C++ and object-oriented programming
  • Control structure
  • Functions
  • Operators in C++
  • Data types, symbolic constants
  • Classes and objects
  • Pointers, Polymorphism and virtual functions
  • Inheritance

4. Better communication skills:

A C++ teacher should have solid communication skills. This can help the students visualising complex concepts and give them ideas that they can grasp easily. Further, they should also engage with students using non-verbal communication.

Things C++ teachers should know:

There are some practical aspects of learning programming languages like C++. If one fails to implement this in their professional fields, then learning a language will just be a waste of time.

Here are some things that a C++ teacher must know. This will be helpful for them while conducting practical lessons.

  • Clear concept of what object-oriented programming is
  • The process of developing an application using C++ programming
  • Fix the common errors one might face in C++ programs implementation
  • Using memory in the program along with allocation and de-allocation procedures
  • Know to manipulate various C++ data types like pointers, strings and arrays.
  • Create practice exercises for the students to test their learning outcomes.

Thus, if you, as a parent, find a C++ teacher that fulfils all the eligibility criteria mentioned above, then it can be the right choice for your child.

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