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Everything Related to School admissions and the processes involved.

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    Interaction will be easier or tough for a dull child for second class
    13 Days agoReply
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    Suresh Govinda

    Telangana Intermediate exams to begin from March 1st 2018! Get going aspirants who would like to crack the same!

    35 Days agoReply
    Amit Raghav

    All the best aspirants!

    33 Days ago
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    Sahir Siddiquee

    What are the schools in and around necklace road Hyderabad...

    41 Days agoReply
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    Prabhjot Singh

    Whether to abolish corporal punishment or not is a debate that is going around the academic circles of the country!

    48 Days agoReply
    Sumit Dubey

    From ancient times Indians have always held Gurus or Teachers in high esteem, to the extent that Guru's are treated as equivalent to Gods. But nowadays such a notion is not holding ground, as the quality and the authenticity of the of the Gurus are coming into question. Under such circumstances, it is but convenient to do away with the corporal punishment. 

    47 Days ago
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    Rakhi Mishra

    Schools, in and around Hyderabad are refraining from disclosing fee structures.How strange?

    63 Days agoReply

    They are refusing to be monitored by government bodies so that they can evade taxes and squeeze money out of the students as well!

    48 Days ago
    Rishi Rai Sharma

    Education and Medical has become a 1st class business proposition across the country... They have become frightfully expensive!

    57 Days ago
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