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Everything Related to School admissions and the processes involved.

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    Rakhi Mishra

    Schools, in and around Hyderabad are refraining from disclosing fee structures.How strange?

    9 Days agoReply
    Rishi Rai Sharma

    Education and Medical has become a 1st class business proposition across the country... They have become frightfully expensive!

    3 Days ago
  • R
    Rahul Saha

    Congratulations University of Hyderabad researchers develop nano capsules for cancer treatment !

    17 Days agoReply
    Abhishek Kc

    Eventually, we are sure to triumph over cancer!

    16 Days ago
  • C
    C. Ravindran

    Schools in Hyderabad are discussing on having women drivers and helpers in school buses! Quite a commendable step!

    31 Days agoReply
    G. R. Rajan

    Hopefully, there will be no further incidents, where the safety of a child may be compromised! 

    30 Days ago
  • C
    C.m. Narayan

    Please suggest good schools near Uppal for my 9 yr old son...

    35 Days agoReply
  • G
    George K Mathew
    • Education department has declared that there is no second option and the schools have to offer Telugu as a compulsory subject in every class.


    37 Days agoReply
    Divyaranjan Kutar

    It is always good to learn local languages, but unnecessary politicising the same is a sign of bad taste!

    36 Days ago
  • P
    Princee Girdhar

    How urgent is the need of counsellors in all forms of academic institutes with the growing rate of suicide amongst Hyderabad teen students? 

    43 Days agoReply
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