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We are here to interact about the admission procedure in the schools of Kolkata and discuss on various educational topics.

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  • A
    Aliva Panigrahy

    All city schools are majorly concerned about the negative influence of social media on the children...

    1 Day agoReply
  • D
    Deepak Mane

    Kolkata school parents are going frantic about narcotics threat in form of candy!

    14 Days agoReply
  • I
    Inasu George

    All schools should be on high alert regarding the rising Dengue cases around! Cleanliness should be the priority!

    16 Days agoReply

    Yes, management should be absolutely conscious about spraying the premises with bleaching powder, installing mosquito repellents in all the classrooms and maintaining the hygiene of the toilets.

    14 Days ago
  • M
    Madanpal Singh

    Is it justified for the parents to bank on gadgets for the safety of the children post the Ryan International incident?

    30 Days agoReply
    Saurabh Saxena

    Gadgets also malfunction from time to time. Thus it is more important the basic infrastructure of the school should be safe!

    25 Days ago
  • P
    Parveen Tyagi

    A commendable move by all Kolkata schools to accommodate 2,000 Hills pupils in and around Darjeeling Dist.!

    36 Days agoReply
    Akhilesh Gautam

    I don't understand why people have to politicise important sectors as schools and education...Politics cannot play with the lives of people!

    32 Days ago
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