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  • S
    Santosh Chandran

    India Wide Teachers are voicing protest against CBSE rules that is only safeguarding the children while treating the teachers and school staffs almost as criminals!

    43 Days agoReply
  • R
    Rajiv Vashisht

    Haryana teachers are up in arms against the state education board's order for mandatory online registration of teachers under the human resources management system (HRMS). Is the move justified?

    63 Days agoReply
    Shaikh Yahya

    How will it affect the teachers?

    57 Days ago
  • A
    Alok Singh

    To ensure the attendance of teachers in government schools, the state education department has decided to display the details of the teachers — photograph and contact details —on the school's notice board for information of parents and students...What is your view on this?

    78 Days agoReply
    Shivam Goel

    In India everything will start with a lot of hooplas, to be discontinued later...

    65 Days ago
  • H
    Hemant Maloo

    The mandate by the government that all the schools in Gurgaon must have Ambulance and trained nurses is really commendable!  

    85 Days agoReply
    Sushirsh Anthwal

    After all its never too late to wake up to the call of the hour! 

    83 Days ago
  • B
    Brajesh Mahor

    It is alarming how the private schools in and around Delhi, Gurgaon are being callous enough to withstand students' uncanny deaths that are taking place within the school premises! 

    93 Days agoReply
    Shashi Shekhar Mishra

    It is really disheartening to witness as parents the security lapses of the private schools who are minting money but not vigilant enough about the security of the students. My heart goes out to the little souls who all have lost their lives.

    92 Days ago
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