AMIE 2016

Associate Membership of Institute of Engineers (AMIE) Entrance Examination 2016

AMIE Entrance Examination is conducted by the Institution of Engineers for granting professional certification to candidates, which is equivalent to B.E./B.Tech. Degree.

Venue: Pan India Exam Date: June, 2016

What is the test about?

AMIE 2016 will be conducted by the Institution of Engineers. It will test the merit and caliber of aspirants on the basis of their knowledge in science and communication. It is only after cracking the test, that candidates would gain a professional certification deeming them at par with B.E./B.Tech. Degree holders.

Who is eligible?

Click here for eligibility details. 

What are the test syllabus, duration and format?


  • Basic Science
  • Engineering Science
  • Communication 
Duration: 3 hours

Format: Kindly visit the link to get information about the exam format.

key dates for application and registration

Yet to be announced

Who conducts the test?

The Institution of Engineers

Which colleges/institutes accept the test?

AMIE certification is recognized by all central government, all state government etc. as equivalent to a B.E./B.Tech. certification. 


The Institution of Engineers (India)
8 Gokhale Road,
Kolkata – 700020


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