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Frequently Asked Questions for GMAT Exam

👉 Is private GMAT coaching worth it?

If you want to clear the GMAT on the first go, needless to mention you need a lot of dedication and practice. If you take private coaching classes from a good GMAT tutor you will get to prepare methodically. You need to master all four sections (Analytical writing assessment, Integrated reasoning, Quantitative reasoning and verbal reasoning) of the GMAT exam.

Not only that you also need to know the pattern of the exam which can be done by strictly analysing the previous year's question papers. Doing all these all alone can be daunting if you don’t know the correct methods. For this, an experienced GMAT tutor is required.

So if you want admission to a good business school, start preparing for the GMAT with a qualified tutor today.

👉 How much does a GMAT tutor charge for private tutoring?

Best GMAT private tutors are not always costly. The fees may vary from $10 to $100 per hour. If the candidates request bulk GMAT classes a considerable discount can be obtained by the tutors but single or a few classes are generally charged more.

The best thing is you can customise classes and choose a GMAT tutor that suits your learning needs with MyPrivateTutor. Charges can be per hour or package basis. Post your requirements to discover more about our GMAT tutors.

👉 How many hours should you study for GMAT?

Want to create a GMAT study schedule? Let’s see what our experts suggest. If you have two to three month’s preparation time you have to spend 40+ hours a week preparing for the GMAT. The top scorers of the GMAT spend 120+ hours a month preparing for the exam.

Depending on your circumstances, the length of each study session will vary; generally, the majority of students aim for sessions that last one to three hours at a time.

If you split the typical top-120 scorer's hours of study time by the typical number of study weeks (ten), you get about 12 hours each week. This takes into account time spent in lectures and GMAT tutoring sessions. It's optimal to work two to three hours every day, six days a week, with one day off per week, if you can spread those hours out evenly.

👉 Should I go for an online or home-based GMAT teacher?

Both online and in-person private GMAT tutoring are options. You can work with tutors from all around the world if you choose the online option because geography is not a barrier.

The choice of working with a private GMAT tutor is up to you and depends on how comfortable you are with both options.

👉 How many tutors should you hire for GMAT preparation?

As we have mentioned earlier, the GMAT exam has four sections (Analytical writing assessment, Integrated reasoning, Quantitative reasoning and Verbal reasoning) . You have to prepare well for each section. You can hire a single GMAT tutor to teach all the sections or else hiring multiple tutors can also be an option.

If you need help in any particular section for example Integrated reasoning or Verbal reasoning you can hire the GMAT tutor accordingly.

While posting your learning requirements on online education platforms like  MyPrivateTutor make sure you mention all the important details. It can be asking for help as a whole or in separate parts as well, you will decide what is best for you.

👉 What topics are covered in MyPrivateTutor GMAT coaching?

The GMAT exam evaluates reasoning and critical thinking abilities that are crucial for graduate business schools. This exam is a measure of your dedication, drive, and capacity to succeed in business school and your profession.

MyPrivateTutor GMAT coaching classes cover all four aspects of the examination, which include:

  • Analytical writing assessment
  • Integrated reasoning
  • Quantitative reasoning and
  • Verbal reasoning

 Our GMAT tutors focus on the entire syllabus of the GMAT and customise the classes accordingly to provide the best help for the students. With their personalised attention and guidance, students can easily prepare well for the examination. They will make all the students familiar with the exam pattern so that they understand what to expect and how to write the answers within the given time frame.

To assess the students properly, MyPrivateTutor GMAT mentors arrange a series of mock tests and push the students to achieve their best.

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