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How It Works for Tutors


Find Tuition Leads in Job Board and Daily Feeds

Every day we display and deliver feed of both Offline and Online tuition leads to tutors from all cities of India for all subjects and levels.


Apply for the Matching Lead with Connect

If you find any lead interesting and matching your subject of specialisation you need to buy connect and apply for the same. Application will reach student’s account. Connects are available for as low a price as Rs.20/-. If any student sends you a direct message from your profile or listing, you can connect directly with students or parents and answer enquiries to fix your tuition assignment.


Communicate with Student Over PMB 

Once you apply for a job you can communicate with a student through our advanced proprietary Private Message Board (PMB) integrated with email and real time PUSH notification. You can discuss everything on PMB and even upload sample notes or fix a video call. You can also request students to reveal their contact details.


Fix Up Deal and Collect Payment through MyPrivateTutor

Fix up a tuition deal with a student with mutually agreed upon tutoring hours, lessons to be taught and fees. Once finalised you can send a booking link to the student through PMB. Once the student funds your payment, contact details of both parties will be open to each other. It is always advisable for tutors to collect payment through MyPrivateTutor as it is 100% safe and secure. You need not worry about not getting payments after the tutoring sessions or the student party delaying payment unnecessarily. With MyPrivateTutor, the student funds money first -- before you start tutoring; so you’re safe. We charge only 9% of the booking amount as Platform fees.

To know more about our Payment Suraksha system, click here.

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