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Popular Tutors in Bharuch

MPT 189675

Pathikrit B

  • Narayan Nagar
Experience: I have been teaching mathemati...
Qualification: Ph.D in Chemistry
Teaches: Zoology, Mathematics, Chemistr...
MPT 192252

Sudhansu S

  • Bharuch
Experience: I have around 1 year of teachi...
Qualification: BE
Teaches: Mathematics, Physics
MPT 219659

Jitendra K

  • Jyotinagar
Experience: I have done msc physics with b...
Qualification: M.Sc. B.Ed.
Teaches: Biology, Physics, Mathematics,...
MPT 167253

Binay D

  • Bharuch
Experience: I have worked at amity school ...
Qualification: MCA
Teaches: Computer Science
MPT 193307

Rahul G

  • Ankleshwar
Experience: I had half year experience in ...
Qualification: Master in Computer Application
Teaches: School level computer, Compute...
MPT 184389

Pratik S

  • Zadeshwar, Bharuch C...
Experience: I am a perfect blend of profes...
Qualification: M.COM, CA INTER, B.COM
Teaches: All Subjects, Accountancy, Com...
MPT 246251

Shishir B

  • Zadeshwar
Experience: I have 1 year of teaching expe...
Teaches: Science, Mathematics, History,...
MPT 167032

Narendra K

  • Ankleshawar
Experience: I have done be in mechanical e...
Qualification: BE
Teaches: Mathematics, Physics
MPT 183134

Siddhi D

  • Alfa Society
Experience: I have done my masters in info...
Qualification: MSC.IT
Teaches: Advanced Excel, Basic Computer...
MPT 187486

Vicky D

  • Zaveri Maholla
Experience: • 1.4 years of experience...
Qualification: B.E.(Mechanical)
Teaches: Physics, Mathematics, History,...
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