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Popular Tutors in Burdwan

MPT 242416

Ketan G

  • Any Where Near Burdw...
Experience: I am a pharmacy post graduate ...
Qualification: M.s pharm
Teaches: School level computer, Biology...
MPT 191781

Priya B

  • Burdwan
Experience: I have around 2 years of teach...
Qualification: Graduation
Teaches: All Subjects
MPT 188397

Sukanya M

  • Burdwan
Experience: I have around 1 year of teachi...
Qualification: M.Sc
Teaches: Biology, Chemistry
MPT 210149

Roshan M

  • Kalna Gate
Experience: I have been teaching for 2 yea...
Qualification: B.Sc.(IT)
Teaches: Mathematics, Computer Science,...
MPT 173672

Nucleous S

  • Burdwan
Experience: Hi, my name is nucleous siddi...
Qualification: physics (H)
Teaches: Science, Algebra, Chemistry, M...
MPT 198722

Kasturi D

  • Burdwan
Experience: I have few months of teaching ...
Qualification: M.Sc
Teaches: Bio Technology
MPT 220593

Subhajit G

  • Kalibazar
Experience: I want to teach physics and ma...
Qualification: B. SC
Teaches: Physics, Mathematics, Chemistr...
MPT 178439

Santanu P

  • Burdwan
Experience: I have around 1 year of teachi...
Qualification: B.Sc
Teaches: Biology, Chemistry
MPT 191164

Osman A

  • Burdwan
Experience: I have around 1 year of teachi...
Qualification: M.Sc and B.Ed
Teaches: Chemistry
MPT 231220

Abhilash K

  • Near Golap Baag
Experience: I taught some students of clas...
Qualification: Persuing B.E from UIT,BURDWAN
Teaches: Physics, Mathematics, Chemistr...
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