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Popular Tutors in Gandhinagar

MPT 259989

Shubham J

  • Sector 6
Experience: I am a engineering student of ...
Qualification: Pursuing Graduation
Teaches: EVS, Mathematics, Science, Lan...
MPT 268175

Dr. A

  • Kudasan, Vavol
Experience: I am doctor of alternative med...
Qualification: Doctorate in Yoga and Naturopa...
Teaches: All Subjects, Story Telling, D...
MPT 263852

Vijay P

  • Sector 26
Experience: I have been teaching python pr...
Qualification: MBA
Teaches: Data Science, Unix/Linux, Web ...
MPT 177787

Ranjana S

  • Gandhinagar
Experience: I have given private tuitions ...
Qualification: M.Sc (BIOTECHNOLOGY), M.Phil (...
Teaches: Reading Skills, Nursery Rhymes...
MPT 255488

Madhubanti S

  • Infocity
Experience: I am a research scholar in cen...
Qualification: M.Phil
Teaches: History, EVS, Social Studies, ...
MPT 252895

Nishit S

  • Sector 24
Experience: I have been teaching reading s...
Qualification: B.Sc
Teaches: Writing Skills, Story Telling,...
MPT 260216

Abhishek R

  • Palaj, Infocity
Experience: I want to teach math because i...
Teaches: Mathematics, IIT JEE Advanced,...
MPT 263658

Sumit C

  • Randesan, Raisan
Experience: I am basically a geologist by ...
Qualification: M.Sc in Geology
Teaches: Biology, Physics, Mathematics,...
MPT 268867

Vikram S

  • Sector 2
Experience: I have just completed my b.tec...
Qualification: B.Tech in Computer Science & E...
Teaches: Mathematics
MPT 265767

Vikrant S

  • Sector 13
Experience: I don't have any such professi...
Qualification: Graduate
Teaches: Computer
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