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Popular Tutors in Patna

MPT 279147

Vijay K

  • Gulzarbagh
Experience: My name is vijay. i am a stude...
Teaches: All Subjects
MPT 152861

Arib Z

  • Bhagalpur
Experience: I have almost 4 years of teach...
Qualification: M.Sc, PhD
Teaches: Chemistry
MPT 190461

Krishna M

  • Boring Road , Patna
Experience: I teach mainly maths and scien...
Qualification: Graduate
Teaches: Science, Mathematics, History,...
MPT 124548

Krishna M

  • Boring Road
Experience: I have been teaching all subje...
Qualification: B.Sc (Maths)
Teaches: All Subjects, Mathematics, Eng...
MPT 115275

Saurav K

  • Darbhanga
Experience: I am graduate. i have b...
Qualification: BTECH
Teaches: Mathematics, Vedic Maths, Alge...
MPT 175049

Md N

  • Mahendru,sabzi Bagh,...
Experience: Taught 10th class for 6 month....
Qualification: 3rd year,
Teaches: Social Studies, Mathematics, C...
MPT 115002

Ranjan R

  • Exhibition Road
Experience: I am teaching ethical hacking ...
Teaches: Ethical Hacking, Networking
MPT 39359

Praveer K

  • Rajeev Nagar, Keshri...
Experience: I have more than 4 years in ac...
Qualification: B.Com.(Hon.), D.B.F, C.A. (IPC...
Teaches: Statistics, Economics, Busines...
MPT 42806

Ashutosh M

  • Boring And Boring Ca...
Experience: Seven years teaching experienc...
Qualification: B.Sc Maths
Teaches: All Subjects, Physics, Mathema...
MPT 169698

Julia S

  • Raza Bazar
Experience: Computer networks,  data ...
Qualification: B.Tech (IT)
Teaches: Physics, Computer Science, IT,...
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