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Popular Tutors in Siliguri

MPT 254920

Sonamis P

  • Hakim Para
Experience: I have been teaching english t...
Teaches: School level computer, B.Ed Tu...
MPT 273411

Mriganka M

  • Subhas Pally
Experience: I have 6 years of teaching exp...
Qualification: B.Sc.(Mathematics)
Teaches: Biology, Physics, Mathematics,...
MPT 248407

Joydeep S

  • Santi Nagar, Subhas ...
Experience: I am pursuing b.a. in economic...
Qualification: B.A. in Economics (H)
Teaches: Physics, Mathematics, Economic...
MPT 252494

Joydeep D

  • Pradhan Nagar
Experience: Basically i am an electrical e...
Qualification: B.E. in Electrical Engineering
Teaches: Physics, Mathematics, Embedded...
MPT 188820

Arvind K

  • Pradhan Nagar
Experience: I have 9 years of teaching exp...
Qualification: M.Sc.
Teaches: Physics, Mathematics, English,...
MPT 266950

Arnav A

  • Rabindra Nagar
Experience: Accomplished physics and mathe...
Qualification: B.E. in Electrical & Telecommu...
Teaches: Physics, Mathematics, Electron...
MPT 269691


  • Collegepara
Experience: I am graduated in i have...
Teaches: Physics, Mathematics, Chemistr...
MPT 129905

Pampa S

  • Siliguri
Experience: I have dome having 6 yea...
Qualification: B.Com, M.Com
Teaches: B.Com Coaching
MPT 256978

Debjit S

  • Hakim Para
Experience: All through my teaching career...
Qualification: B.Com (H)
Teaches: Flute
MPT 80423

Kaushik D

  • Near St. Michael Sch...
Experience: I have 9 years of teaching exp...
Qualification: B.Sc., B.Ed., MBA & MCA
Teaches: Physics, Mathematics, Chemistr...
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