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Check how well-prepared you are to face your exams, anytime, anywhere, any subject – as many times as you need to. No matter which Board, Class or Competitive Exam it is that you are preparing yourself for, get the best test of your knowledge here. Just follow the guidelines provided and auto-assess your progress.

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Online Tests are your own ways of gauging your progress, all by yourself. You can get a fresh set of well-researched, relevant questions and proceed segment-wise in various subjects. The computerized, accurate, impartial assessment made visible to you, allows you to remain completely assured of the most authentic guidance, each time.

  • Ultimate Pre-exams ways to assess your expertise.

  • All Tests accessible anytime, any day, anywhere.

  • All Boards, Classes and Competitive Exams covered.

  • Each Test can be taken as many times as you want.

  • Assessment Report visible instantly.

  • Unlimited opportunities to improve knowledge and hone skills.

  • No external help in terms of teachers, invigilators or examiners required.

  • No stationery, instruments, timer required.

  • Time, Cost, Energy saving – no need to go anywhere.

  • Access to absolutely updated questions and answers.