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Shishu Griha Montessori House of Children

  • Indian(CBSE)
  • English
  • Day School
  • Locality:New Thippasandra
  • Landmark:New Thippasandra
  • Full Address:HAL 2nd Stage, No. 3, New Thippasandra, Bangalore, Karnataka - 560076
  • Phone No:08025213940, 08025213941
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  • Locality:New Thippasandra
  • Landmark:New Thippasandra
  • Full Address:HAL 2nd Stage, No. 3, New Thippasandra, Bangalore, Karnataka - 560076
  • Phone No:08025213940, 08025213941
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Sishu Griha Montessori & High School which started as a fledgling institution in the year 1978 holds pride of place in Bangalore as being one of the few institutions that has effected a paradigm shift from teacher centred education to child centred education.As is best explained by its motto “Thamasoma Jyothir Gamaya”the goal of the school lies in helping the scores of children who enter the portals of the school every year to metamorphose into confident and enlightened individuals. It aims at creating an ambience that will foster a relationship of trust, love and understanding between the teaching fraternity and the students.The school with its emphasis on holistic education believes in following a highly efficacious policy in instilling self discipline and inculcating moral, secular and civic values.It also believes in infusing new ideas in the teaching methodology that are concurrent with the advances made in modern technology . The  teacher-student ratio(1: 30) maintained by the school is a reiteration of its commitment to provide individual attention to its students. We were one of the pioneers in setting up the Montessori system for schools in Bangalore. We are a leading ICSE affiliated school in Bangalore.
  • Indian(CBSE)
  • English
  • Day School
  • Co-Educational
  • School provides transportation
  • Playgroup to X
  • ICSE Board
  • English Medium
  • Day School
  • Co-ed School
  • Grades: Playgroup, 1-10
  • School Day: Monday - Saturday
  • Timing: 10am - 5pm
  • Gender: Co-Educational
  • Religion: All
  • Curriculum: Indian(CBSE)
  • Language: English

Sishu Griha has a fully functional library with a treasure trove of books ranging from encyclopaedias, reference books , fiction, biographies and novels to books that delineate technical information . Leading journals , magazines and newsletters are much sought after by students and teachers alike. A complete refurbishment of the library that has been aided by computerization provides easy accessibility to books.

The school has an A.V. Room which enables the students to avail the benefits of the latest multimedia facilities. The audio visual room with LCD Projector helps our students to watch documentaries, Projects, Presentations (created by the students and teachers).Various other workshops are also conducted and other audio-visual programs are viewed on the big screen.

The ActivBoard, was introduced in June 2009. The launch of the ActivBoard has ushered in a more enterprising and interactive method of teaching. The board offers a range of options to the teachers who can use it skillfully to create lesson plans that are interesting, innovative, and rich in content.
Digitally, a multimedia resource library is also an Edirite product which enables teachers to add multimedia rich learning objects to their lesso plans in Powerpoint. The software also has a repository of lesson plans in mathematics and science for all classes.

The school has well equipped labs for science , math , computer and cookery.

Sishu Griha  believes in making its students ‘computer-savvy’. To this effect, computer science is taught to students right from Class 1. The school has a well equipped computer lab with the latest amenities.

Our well equipped science labs enable our students to do their practical work  in the form of experiments and verify concepts that are taught in class. Specimens that are shown create a lot of interest.

Over the years, the work rooms or the junior labs as they are termed have evolved into strongholds of ‘active learning’ for the Primary School students which is in recognition of the Montessori Method that advocates learning by doing.These junior labs that are different from the confines of a classroom provide the perfect stimuli for the child to discover , analyse and assimilate. The amalgamation of discovery, analysis and assimilation makes learning a ‘joyful process’ for the students. The joy is compounded by the fact that the child works at his own pace and he has the prerogative of working with materials of his choice.

A child between the age group of 6-10years has an inquisitive mind . The junior lab(work Room)activities are developed to satisfy this need. Subjects like Geography, History and Science are introduced in the form of stories e.g. how the Earth was formed, strange kinds of animals and plants found, the bacteria, galaxies and stars etc. The abstract concept of Maths is presented with the help of specially made materials e.g. positive and negative numbers, area, weight, volume etc. Children show a lot of enthusiasm in the interactive sessions by asking question like what will happen to Earth when the sun turns into a red giant or Does life exist on other planets?. It is a very happening and interesting journey of discovery for the students of Sishu Griha in the Junior Lab.

The Math Lab has proved to be the perfect panacea for the students of Sishu Griha as it has materials exclusively designed to redress the problems faced by the children in certain abstract math concepts.Working with the materials ensures clarity and reinforcement of various concepts covered under algebra , arithmetic and geometry and helps children in developing a liking for the subject .

A well ventilated cookery lab with a centrally placed working table and accessories like cutlery , refrigerator, cooking and baking appliances have enabled children to learn and perfect the art and style of cooking.

The teachers at Sishu Griha have access to  state of the art computers with internet facilities that facilitate research work  and power point presentations. The implementation of ClassWalk, a software, has revolutionized the preparation of the progress report. It has entailed swift entry of marks and attendance and helps teachers maintain a digital record of the non –academic performance of the students. Information can be accessed digitally.

The school caters to both indoor games like caroms, table-tennis, shuttle badminton and chess, as well as outdoor games like volley ball, throw ball, foot ball, basket ball, cricket and kho-kho.
Athletic events include long jump, high jump, javelin and discus throw, shot put and relays.

Extra coaching is given for cricket, basketball and Karate. Detailed summer camps are conducted to promote coaching in cricket.

Students are encouraged to participate in inter-school tournaments and matches, as well as in games at the regional and national levels.

Team Matchless, a fairly new introduction at Sishugriha, focuses on educatimg the children in various fields of sports. From Basketball to Hockey to Cricket. It has been introduced by parents of Sishugriha and has around 100 students already enrolled. There will be a lot more to come from them!

Extra Curricular Activities

Additional Details

The school aims at producing the youth of tomorrow by nurturing confidence and leadership qualities in them and helping them to emerge as peace and law abiding citizens committed to the development of the society and the nation at large.

The other core values which the school emphasizes to ingrain in each student are empathy, righteousness, secularism , cooperation and acceptance which are in compliance with societal norms.

• To promote the emotional well being of the children which is the quintessence of the ethos of the school. .
• To provide quality education through a judicious blend of tradition and modern technology –based learning that is within the parameters of our work culture.
• To stress on the all-round development of the child keeping in view that education is all encompassing and thereby bring out the academic, social, intellectual , cultural, emotional and spiritual development of the child.
• To broaden their realm of knowledge which will enable them to explore the world with confidence and help them to be a part of the global community.
• To enable them to grow in a child-centered milieu with the right weave of self-discipline and freedom.
• To bring about learning and self development through a spirit of enquiry.


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