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Sreenidhi International School

  • Indian(CBSE)
  • English
  • Day School
  • Locality:Adugodi
  • Landmark:Adugodi
  • Full Address:33-2, Adugodi, Bangalore, Karnataka - 560030
  • Phone No:09912345042, 09948813000
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  • Locality:Adugodi
  • Landmark:Adugodi
  • Full Address:33-2, Adugodi, Bangalore, Karnataka - 560030
  • Phone No:09912345042, 09948813000
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Sreenidhi International School is a vision translated into reality of giving students a modern, meaningful and wholesome education. We have made this possible through an ongoing conversation between students, teachers and parents. Our aim is to ensure that every child learns to be intellectually sceptical yet optimistic, doubting yet positive, unconventional yet constructive, competitive but not destructive. A student who studies at Sreenidhi will be a renaissance individual in a universal sense.
  • Indian(CBSE)
  • English
  • Day School
  • Co-Educational
  • School provides transportation
  • Nursery to XII
  • IB, ICSE & CISCE Board
  • English Medium
  • Day School
  • Co-ed School
  • Grades: Nursery, 1-12
  • School Day: Monday - Saturday
  • Timing: 10am - 5pm
  • Gender: Co-Educational
  • Religion: All
  • Principal: Ssarithha Katikaneni
  • Curriculum: Indian(CBSE)
  • Language: English
  • Fees:

Administration Block
The Infrastructure provided for the staff is very much conducive to absolute transparency and is very refreshing, as the area is interspersed with lots of trees and plants The view from inside extends seamlessly into the vastness of the campus making one feel part of the entire campus . This kind of infrastructure helps in boosting, inspiring and nurturing creativity among the staff in all that they do.

Academic Block
Cluster is what we call this block.
This is a place where we find children from various communities, diverse cultures and linguistic backgrounds from all parts of the country coming together, aspiring to be educated. Here they find the right forum to exchange their views and thoughts in the process of learning and achieve their goals in an absolute free and fair manner.
The infrastructure helps in providing the required physical space which can transform it into their Mind space to make them more receptive to research and imbibe all that is in store for them to explore in the most impeccable manner. Our Academic block infrastructure is built based on this school of thought.

It’s an open air theatre designed to provide the required ambiance which enhances the enthusiasm of the performing artists as well as the curious audience too.
The tiered seating arrangement and the location of stage complement to provide a perspective that does not obstruct the viewer or performer in any way.
There are many inbuilt facilities including a Green room behind the stage, to cater to the performing artists and their team. While ensuring their comfort level
the Green room also serves as a multipurpose hall for various activities like drama, films, orientation program etc., and is also being used as a regular classroom for students of performing arts.

Kala Bhavan
The children like to frequent this place as often as they can, because this is where their inherent talents and latent skills are nurtured, groomed and enhanced.
The open plan of the building, promotes a freedom of expression which transforms into wonderful drawings, paintings, sculpture, music and flawless dance forms, in the most artistic and creative manner.
Kalabhavan is the heart of the institution as well as the’ Kalakar’ too. It is literally and figuratively designed for visual arts, exhibitions and Art related workshops.

Lab Building
It is a place where the children are encouraged to inquire and explore under the guidance of our faculty, who act as a catalyst between the learner and the learning in developing the student/child’s scientific approach towards life in all that they do.
The infra structure and State of the Art facilities provided in the Lab building enhance and support all Science related activities to the core generating more interest and making learning even more enthralling.

Library Block
This storehouse of Knowledge in various forms has been given its right share and an entire building itself has been set aside as a library for the children to utilise the available resources arranged in the most accessible manner to create and cultivate the habit of acquiring and assimilating information in the form of Books, CD’s, Visuals, DVD’s etc.
This repository of books with its multi level floors and glass walls gives a feeling of space and light creating an inviting space for readers to browse through the various resources to their heart’s content or become immersed in serious research or study.

Sports Complex
It is a huge complex with ample space for the students to exercise freely and discover the sportsperson in themselves. area is open from all sides and leads one to various other sports facilities offered by the school.
The Sports infrastructure, equipment and separate playgrounds are all meant for a variety of indoor and outdoor sports. The purpose of providing such infrastructure is to enhance a student’s focus on achieving excellence, joy of participation, recreation and overall physical fitness.

Extra Curricular Activities

Social Studies • Science • Mathematics • Computer Science • Physical Education • Language • Arts • Music, Dance & Painting

Additional Details

In a world which is fast-paced and competitive, we at Sreenidhi believe that being a boarder helps the children flourish, develop and fulfil their potential while staying away from home. Interacting with a wide variety of students teaches them to respect all cultures and communities.
Sports and studies have equal importance in a boarder’s life and this is a big boost to their confidence. It helps them learn together, respect their peers and find their passions on their terms, be it on the field or in the classroom. As they challenge themselves on a daily basis they grow by leaps and bounds; the lessons acquired at the dorm are the roots that will serve them well throughout their life.
The campus environment nurtures children’s independence and individuality as they discover themselves at every step of their journey as boarders. The dorm is a place where children can make lasting memories of the best years of their life.
Health is of primary concern to the authorities at Sreenidhi and every comfort is provided for the ailing child.
The unique 5-day boarding facility at Sreenidhi truly offers the best of both worlds. Living with friends and learning from them on weekdays and going back home to their parents on weekends ensures that the child receives quality time to interact with their peers and mentors, and a good measure of family-time as well.
All children need a balanced, supportive learning environment and we at Sreenidhi International School have mapped out the boarding activities with this in mind. Every child is an individual with budding talent and a unique perspective on life, and as parents and teachers we must give the opportunity for our children to grow and become citizens of tomorrow.


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