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TI Matric Higher Secondary School, Ambattur

  • State Board
  • English
  • Day School
  • Locality:Ambattur
  • Landmark:Ambattur
  • Full Address:M.T.H. Road, Ambattur, Chennai - 600053.
  • Phone No:044 26583266, 26585707
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  • Locality:Ambattur
  • Landmark:Ambattur
  • Full Address:M.T.H. Road, Ambattur, Chennai - 600053.
  • Phone No:044 26583266, 26585707
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This co-educational English medium School, established in 1981, was named after TI Group of companies operating in Ambattur, Chennai and whose welfare measures for their workforce, had become a household name among the public of Chennai.   The School provides facilities for a two year Kindergarten education, a ten year secondary education and a two year higher secondary education. The higher secondary section offers Science Group and Commerce Group. At all levels Hindi is offered as an alternative to Tamil as a language under Part-I. Tamil is offered as second language at all levels as per Government Order. Spoken Hindi is an advantage at the primary section. At the higher secondary level French is also offered under Part-I.
  • State Board
  • English
  • Day School
  • Co-Educational
  • School provides transportation
Admission Schedule
  • LKG to XII grade
  • English Medium
  • Co-ed School
  • Grades: LKG, 1-12
  • School Day: Monday - Saturday
  • Timing: 8:30am - 3:20pm
  • Gender: Co-Educational
  • Religion: All
  • Principal: Sheela Ragavan
  • Curriculum: State Board
  • Language: English
  • Fees: Contact to school
Biology Lab
Biology laboratory is well equipped with a vast collection of specimens catering to Botany and Zoology curriculum. This also includes marine forms collected by students during their educational trip to Rameswaram. The lab is also equipped with quality charts, micro slides and compound microscopes, OHP etc.
Chemistry Lab
A very well equipped lab, enabling students perform their experiments individually. Safety aspects are given prime importance for both students and staff within the lab. The lab is equipped with an alarm which would detect the leakage of LPG.
Computer Lab
The school has well equipped, air conditioned Senior and Junior computer lab with internet facility. The senior lab also has a Projector for the Audio Visual Demonstrations which leads to the effective delivery of the curriculum. Both the labs also has UPS facility. The students are highly benefited by the sophisticated technology.
General Science Lab
Students from IV to VIII do activities in the General Science Lab once a week. The activities are planned to develop scientific inquiry, observational skills and to get answers for their probing questions in young minds. Students understand the concepts by doing. Students get a hands-on experience on handling lab equipments
Maths Lab
Basic concepts are introduced in Maths lab using different kits. Different types of learners explore the concepts. The Hands on experience make Maths relevant and the concepts become concrete. Innovative approach makes learning more interesting and helps remove the fear for Maths. “Picking up an expected fraction from the fraction kit so easily with a smile by the 3rd std. children” is a soothing sight in Maths lab. The subject is no more an abstract one.
Physics Lab
Our physics lab is situated in a calm area with state of the art infrastructure. It is neatly furnished with deals and cup boards. The lab has open airy and well ventilated atmosphere that it provides utmost safety to the students while performing experiments in the lab.
The hall is spacious. Desks are orderly arranges for easy mobility and utility for about 30-35 students to carry experiments in the lab. The students can move around and perform experiments in the neat setup.
All the various gadgets are well handled by trained staff. The gadgets are calibrated every year and maintained with precision. There are quite a large number of adequate equipments to use. The flush cupboards sleekly store all the equipments and devices, manuals, records of students etc.
Each student can individually perform the experiment under teacher guidance and supervision so that they gain good experience in the subject.
Fire extinguishers are provided and attendants and staff are trained to handle any hazardous situation. On the whole, the students are highly benefitted by the sophisticated technology around them.
“A resource to make resourceful children and resourceful staff”
Library of T.I School has a collection of 17650 book, 205 CDs & 10 magazines which caters to all levels of the end users. Kg section offers separate KG library, juniors have a separate library and the seniors have a senior library housed at KG block, main block respectively.
The books ranging from fiction, facts, education to philosophy, subject development to self development.
A separate library period has been brought in to the regular schedule to provide complete benefit of this material resource to the children, to the teachers and to the non-teaching staff.
There is a provision of multimedia housed inside the senior library for students reference on encyclopedia internet and other subject related interactions and a careful study has been done t reach out this benefit to the entire community.
The school plies vehicles in and around Ambattur to pickup and drop back children.
A V Hall
  • Audio – Visual room is utilized during Seminars, Workshops or small Functions /gathering.
  • Sometimes Power Point presentations by students are also held there.
General Safety
  • Safe drinking water (purified by Reverse Osmosis System).
  • User-friendly Fire Safety Systems (Students/Staff trained to handle them).
  • Tort Insurance (Group personal accident policy) for all students.
  • A Canteen in hygienic surroundings.
Extra Curricular Activities
Nature Club
T.I a hub of future generation need to be more responsible to allow it to be a living planet ‘Nature Club' is the initiative taken to build in them the sensible attitude towards nature. The sensitive issues like energy conservation are made familiar by the projects on energy audit-like tree audit & water audit. Love for nature is initiated by conducting activities like nature trails and bird watching. Conservation of nature is projected through the activities like vermicomposting and paper recycling. Hope to include more and more activities to provide close watch on "changing nature" that helps them in maintaining a healthy environment for their own future.
Theatre Club
It's June -July and theatre club students of class XI are buzzing with activity. Year after they are a part of Annual Drama Fest at ‘The school', Adyar. Every year after serious brain storming they narrowed down to the topic on which they would work. The children have plenty to say. The senior students take all efforts to transfer the skill learnt, by conducting training sessions for the junior classes. The ‘student trainers’ experience the pride of watching their ‘students’ exhibit their theatrical skills on stage during the course of the year. This leads to learning and imparting in too!
Astronomy Club
The astronomy club our School has the students from class VII to XI as their members. Regular programmes are organised to create an awareness and interest in the young minds to know more about the mysterious celestial bodies. Field trips are also organised to help them have experiential learning.
Math Club
Math Club will explore the different dimensions from which he subject impacts us and the world around.
Heritage Club
The club and its initiatives will aim at bringing about a sense of belonging and the ability to appreciate our roots.
Literary Club
The Literary club will work at English and Tamil languages and aims at developing the reading, writing and speaking skills.
Info bee Club
Info bee Club will unravel mysteries that lie unwrapped up in the world of books and make every child an intense reader.
Science and Astronomy Club
Science and Astronomy Club will work at making the distant wonders move from an abstract domain to a more concrete understanding in the minds of the young stars.
The physical education department focuses on fitness, creating love for games and identifying and equipping talented students for various inter and intra level sports competitions.
The vast play field houses various sports facilities, that are comparable to any sports school- a multi gym, a 200 meter track, Cricket , Basket ball, Volley ball, Tennis and Badminton courts, Carrom, Chess and other indoor games and an exclusive Table -Tennis hall .
Regular Physical education classes are allotted to all students from standards I to XII. Primary students are taught recreational games, freehand exercises, basic skills in ball games, indoor games etc. All major game skills, athletic skills, March past practice, recreational games, indoor games etc are taught to students of classes VI and above.
Mini Sports
MiniSport is an initiative that will introduce our school kids to organized sport during and after school hours, in an effort to boost their physical and mental strength. The MiniSport programme is designed to make Physical Training classes in schools more exciting, fun and cater to the varying athletic potential of students. Research has over the years proven the benefits of physical activity for both body and mind but these days exercise is far from being a priority. At miniSport, we hope to change that and also introduce sport as a platform that imparts unique life lessons. MiniSport through its programs aims to emphasize the importance of :
  • Leadership, respect and cooperation
  • Teamwork and collaboration
  • Honesty, sportsmanship and fair play
  • Healthy competition
  • Critical thinking and strategizing
Scouts & Guides
Scouts & Guides from IX Std attend the State Rajya Puraskar Test Camp at "Avadi Tonakela" camp site every year and they are qualify to receive the governor’s Award.
At school the Investiture ceremony is conducted and the students enroll as a world member in the scout movement.
NIE (Newspaper In Education)
NIE is a part and parcel of co-curriculum activities at T.I. We are a part of ‘Times of India’ NIE programmes. Our student subscribes and receives the ‘Student Edition’ of Times of India at the cost of Re.1 per day. As an extension programme from NIE our student reporters have attended ‘Reporters meet’, where they are a part of the mock press meet. ‘Go Green’ is another programme where our students displayed posters on the topic, ’Take care, take charge’.
Additional Details
The school provides a lot of opportunities for co-curricular and extra curricular activities. The school has implemented an exclusive IT curriculum for students of classes UKG to X Std. to ensure that they acquire all basic IT skills.
 Teachers and support staff are also deputed for HR programmes conducted by AMM Foundation and other external agencies.


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