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Vignana Jyothi Public School, Madhura Nagar

  • CBSE
  • English
  • Day School
  • Locality:Madhura Nagar
  • Landmark:Madhura Nagar
  • Full Address:G-16/A, Madhura Nagar Hyderabad – 500038.
  • Phone No:040 – 23752258
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  • Locality:Madhura Nagar
  • Landmark:Madhura Nagar
  • Full Address:G-16/A, Madhura Nagar Hyderabad – 500038.
  • Phone No:040 – 23752258
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Affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education, Vignana Jyothi is a famous school in the region. They have a very dedicated and committed faculty. They include Karate, Dance, Music, Yoga and Sports as the part of education.
  • CBSE
  • English
  • Day School
  • Co-Educational
  • School provides transportation
Admission Schedule
  • CBSE Board
  • English Medium
  • Co-ed School
  • Grades: LKG, 1-10
  • School Day: Monday - Saturday
  • Timing: 10am - 5pm
  • Gender: Co-Educational
  • Religion: All
  • Principal: Smt. J. Aruna Kumari
  • Acronym: VJp
  • Curriculum: CBSE
  • Language: English
  • Fees: N.A.

I.T. Education

The school has well equipped computer Lab, keeping pace with changing times. I.T education is given from lower classes to higher classes. Our I.T department has well trained and well experienced teachers.

Audio Visual aids

The school is well equipped with a variety of audio-visual aids to make the teaching-learning process interactive & interesting. We have Educom Smart Class digital boards in 1st to 10th classes. The Audio visual room is equipped with TV, DVDs and Cassettes on a  wide range of topics

School Library

The school has a good library with a wide range of books concerning all subjects including reference material accessible to the staff as well as students. The library subscribes to various newspapers and periodicals to promote general and current awareness among the children.

Lab facilities

The School has well equipped Maths, Physical-Science, Biology and Computer Labs. The Computer Lab is equipped with a multimedia system & a variety of CDs. Our school possesses a well equipped Science Lab which caters to the needs of the students at the school and college levels. Appropriate charts, attractive and informative models, educative specimens are available here. Students are allowed to conduct experiments individually under the guidance of well-experienced teachers so that they can upgrade their experimental skills. Mathematics lab facilitates inquisitiveness in Mathematics and nurtures creative thinking in students. Phobia of Mathematics is eliminated through practical participation and experimentation.
Extra Curricular Activities
Integrated multi-dimensional Yoga, Dancing , Music, Debates, Recitation, Group Singing , Handwork, Art, Painting, Sculpture, Health Education, Home Science , Drama, Mime, Puppetry, Mono Acting, Physical Education, Visits to industrial Units, Agricultural and Poultry farms Common non Diminutions Prayer, a study of Indian heritage with a view to make the child a patriotic citizen are unpolluted. The curriculum is so designed that it draws the best to enable the pupils to understand themselves and live in the world of technology and science of the present and the future. Leave Regulations: Students are not allowed to go home during the working hours except in the following cases : Students may be allowed a maximum leave of 3 days.Leave will not be granted during examination days or during camp. Leave may be granted for some specific treatment of the student provided if it is recommended by the medical officer of the school. He/She must not abstain from the Examinations without obtaining prior permission from the principal. Students can apply leave only if it is essential. The leave letter must be approved by the principal and to be submitted to the class teacher well in advance. For obtaining any leave, written request should be made to the principal. No leave shall be granted on a students request and on the request made through phone. Leaves shall be considered only when the application is made by the parent or the authorized guardian. The student who scores 100% attendance will be rewarded with a certificate. Strength in each class and learning strategies: Each class has a maximum strength around 30 pupils so that the teacher can cater to be gifted, middle level and slow learning children. Education through the child adaptable environment is the chief aim of school. This helps children to learn at their own pace. To satisfy the educational needs of the children in the age group of 2 plus and 15 years, to cultivate healthy habits, good manners, sound moral values in a stimulating academic environment. To provide opportunities to children for the exercise of imagination and for the development of many interests as well as skills of various kinds to foster new interests through opportunities to explore, investigative and experiment. To develop in them for their country, its traditions and its culture, to inspire in them a sense of service and loyalty.To shape up the present generation to stand out ABOVE ALL in the fast changing and dynamic future. To enthuse the children with new vista of thought and horizons of desirable ideals.To develop in the children the spirit of international understanding and universal brotherhood. To infuse the importance of discipline, etiquette good conduct and other virtues which mould our students on to persons of high principle and refinement. Visiting Hours: Parents are allowed to contact their ward’s teachers every Saturday (except 2nd Saturday) from 9 a.m. to  12 noon . Parents are not allowed to visit the classrooms during the school time. Study: Our school has ideal strength of 30 in each class, so that individual care and concentration can be given. Teachers take special attention for average and below average students. Study hours are conducted to such students to improve. Health Checkup: Our school conducts free health camps twice a year. Qualified and experienced doctors visit the school campus and provide necessary tips to lead a healthy life. Any student who is not feeling well is immediately taken to our consultant doctor and parents are informed at the earliest.
Free eye camps are conducted every year in our school campus and suggestions are given to the children and their parents regarding their sight.
Student Elections: To inculcate awareness among students about democracy, our school is conducting elections for class IX. Best all round students are elected as house leaders from their respective houses.
All the students are allowed to use their voting right to elect the Head boy and Head girl.
House System: The house system is a very important aspect of our school. The students of the school are grouped
into four different houses namely
1. Brahmaputra
2. Ganga
3. Narmada
4. Krishna
Every student is allotted one of the above houses. House wise competitions are conducted in every month and trophies are awarded for winners and runners.The house that scores maximum points is awarded House Championship shield for that particular year.The school assembly is conducted by one house every week. Cultural Activities: The school encourages the student to take part in various cultural activities. Every month the school conducts competitions for each class in various fields, to bring out their hidden talents.
Additional Details
All over the world educationists are in agreement on the value of child centered learning. While practicing this as a value, we consider the contribution of the parent as an important input in formulating an integrated plan to promote a learning environment in the School. In our own tradition the first Gurus are the parents. From this angle we would like you to be a participant in shaping the destiny of your child. Let us blend this tradition with modern ideas to impart quality education to your child. In these days of fierce competition and race for academic excellence we would offer personalized attention to motivate the child to be self confident and self reliant for his own success. We see the development of creativity as a vital part of educating the whole person. Drama, Sports, Music and Art play a central part in giving the pupil scope for creative expression. We would urge you to spare as much time as you can to make enquiries, suggest improvements, discuss problems and offer solutions. We consider this interaction most valuable. Hence our request to you is to be an active participant in making the idea of holistic education a success.


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