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Sant Shri Asaramji Public School, Goner Road

  • CBSE
  • English
  • Day School
  • Locality:Govind Pura
  • Landmark:Near Bapu Asaram
  • Full Address:Govind Pura, Goner Road (Near Bapu Asaram), Jaipur - 303012.
  • Phone No:01412174604
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  • Locality:Govind Pura
  • Landmark:Near Bapu Asaram
  • Full Address:Govind Pura, Goner Road (Near Bapu Asaram), Jaipur - 303012.
  • Phone No:01412174604
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The Gurukul " Sant Shri Asaramji Public School " is located on the bank of holy Yamuna river in Agra, about 2½ km, away from Akbar Tomb at Sikandra on National Highway towards Delhi, is natural and picturesque pollution free environ of Sant Shri Asaramji Premises.
  • CBSE
  • English
  • Day School
  • Co-Educational
  • School provides transportation
Admission Schedule
  • I to XII
  • CBSE Board
  • English Medium
  • Day School
  • Co-ed School
  • School provides transportation
  • Grades: 1-12
  • School Day: Monday - Saturday
  • Timing: 10am - 5pm
  • Gender: Co-Educational
  • Religion: All
  • Principal: N.A.
  • Curriculum: CBSE
  • Language: English
  • Fees: N.A.
School Building : The school has an adequate number of large airy rooms, together with computer lab, science lab, music room, yoga and meditation hall, equipments for various indoor and outdoor games and a vast playground. The Ashram that houses the hostel, school premises, playground and the garden is spread over 8 acres of land. Laboratories :
Our study centre is well equipped with course specific lab facilities. It includes requisite medical equipments and chemicals. All the necessary items which are much needed for the intellectual growth of the students are made available to them. All the labs are highly hi-tech to provide the latest practical training.
Computer Lab.
The study centre has computer lab facilities with high speed connectivity. Various software and other needed basic amenities. The classes are organized here with a view to give practical education in consideration with the local needs, convenience of the students and also according to the programmes for which centre is authorized.
Science Laboratories :
Our students gain firsthand experience and gather information regarding laws of Physics, Chemistry and Biology in well equipped and furnished laboratories.
Physics Laboratory :
A huge and spacious lab for physics is available here. It is equipped with various apparatus and science. materials for the use of about 60 students at a time. Practicals are regularly conducted under guidance of qualified science teachers.
Biology Laboratory :
We have a large and huge Bio. Lab with lots of equipments, electronic microscopes and computerized spots.
Chemistry Laboratory :
We have a spacious lab with maximum accommodation for sixty students at a time. It is enriched with ample of chemicals and different aparatus. Students are trained to handle glass wares properly and conduct experiments successfully.
Music Room :
Every minute particle, present in the universe when vibrates creates music. Music is the integral part of nature. It is an everlasting pleasure that gives internal happiness. Keeping this in view, the school has a large music room with all sorts of musical instruments. Here, classical and western music training is imparted to the pupils. It helps the children learn about music and know about various musical instruments. The school imparts spiritual music training which provides internal peace and pleasure, helping the students to concentrate in studies. The spiritual music also helps the students to rhyme their activities Physical and mental, eventually enhancing their personality. The students having learnt music, participate in various competitions of district and rational levels.
Library :
The school has a well stocked library with aprox. 4000 books. In order to encourage students to use the library to enhance their knowledge, a period is allocated to each class once a week. To inculcate reading habit at the primary level, books are provided in large number to suit their age and taste.
The library also subscribes to various newspapers and periodicals. The books contained in the library are spiritual, modern and ancient. Our library also provides information, inculcates ideas and develops knowledge that is so essential of functioning successfully in today’s information and knowledge based society. The School library has some objectives :
1. Literary
2. Formal Education
3. Information provision
4. Economics, Social and Cultural developments

Gymnasium :
“Health is Wealth” Keeping this in view, the school provides for a Gym, packed with sophisticated machines to keep the students well in shape. The students regularly visit the Gym and workout there.
Games and Sports :
The games, sports and physical fitness activities form an integral part of the school curriculum to ensure fullest and manifold development of the child enabling him to attain good physical health, vent of robustness, emotional and psychological stability and social adjustability.
Kho-Kho, Kabaddi, Swimming,Table-Tennis, Chess, Carom, Gymnastics With a view to promote games and sports the school has facilities for playing Football, Throw ball, Volley-ball, Badminton, Basket-ball, Kho-Kho. Regular periods are allotted to the students for participating in games and sports. Specialised coaching is also available every morning before assembly and after school hours from 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. for interested and talented students. Swimming Pool
Swimming is an excellent sport giving exercise to each and every muscle of the body. An international standard sparkling clean swimming pool exists in the school which has become a centre of attraction both for staff and students.
Extra Curricular Activities
Science Exhibition :
The school organizes science exhibition every year to expose hidden scientific talents of the students, which they exhibit by making different science models.
Spiritual :
Regular Satsangs are arranged by the school for the development of ethical values like gratefulness, obedience, self-reliance, good moral character and modesty in children. The children are improved in their memory and physical strength through prayers, Japa, Meditation, Asanas and Pranayama.
Tours and Treks :
“Travel is the best Teacher” and therefore the school regularly conducts various recreational and educational tours and excursions to the places of cultural, scientific, historical, religious and geographical importance. These excursions are compulsory for each student and are planned meticulously/taking liking all possible precautions for their safety.
Events and Competitions :
Events and competitions are held throughout the year to encourage students participation, our school organizes an Annual festival of Inter-school Competition in art, literary and cultural activities. The Annual Day comprise the prize giving function followed by a variety entertainment programme, in which children of both senior and junior wing take part.
It is a big and impressive event. Sports Day is another colourful programme enjoyed by the students. Republic Day and Independence Day are national festivals celebrated with vigour and enthusiasm. Yoga ‘N’ Meditation :
Yoga and Meditation, the time tested device and priceless gifts from our sages, form an integral part of the school routine for gaining spiritual, emotional and psychological control over the mind. The school routine starts with yogic exercise and ends with meditation (Sadhna)
Additional Details
It is the first  school in the chain of educational institutions established in India by Sant Shri Asarmji Educational Trust, Agra. It aims at inculcation of noble traits in the students and overcome problems like indiscipline, impertinence frustration and drug addiction through regular Satsang by Param Pujya Sad Gurudev. The Gurukul’s endeavour is to cultivate sensitivity and creativity in the students in addition to their intellectual development.


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