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Loreto House

  • ICSE
  • English
  • Day School
  • Locality:Middleton Row
  • Landmark:N.A.
  • Full Address:Loreto House-7, Middleton ROW, Kolkata - 700071.
  • Phone No:033 - 22293564
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  • Locality:Middleton Row
  • Landmark:N.A.
  • Full Address:Loreto House-7, Middleton ROW, Kolkata - 700071.
  • Phone No:033 - 22293564
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Loreto in India owes its origin to a visit by Dr Bakhaus in 1840 to Loreto Abbey, Rathfarnham, Ireland, to request Mother Teresa Ball to send sisters to set up a school for Catholic children in Calcutta. In response to this, Mother Teresa Ball sent seven Loreto Sisters and eight Postulates, all in their twenties, under the leadership of Delphine Hart to India, with the belief that they would probably never see their homeland again. These pioneers were Mother Delphine Hart, Mother Teresa Mons, Mother Martina McCann, Sisters Alexia Egan, Benigna Egan, Veronica Fox, Gabriel Doyle, Miss Isabella Hart (M.Delphine's sister), a Miss McDonough(later renamed as Sister Xaveria), along with two other postulants, Miss Shanley and Miss Fitzpatrick. Sailing on a ship named The Scotia, this group of pioneers left Dublin on September 1,1841 from Ireland and landed at Babughat, Kolkata on December 29,1841. They were the first congregation of religious sister to come to North India. Arrangements were made for a formal welcome and religious ceremony at the Cathedral on Portuguese Church Street. A great civic reception was held the next day, where they were welcomed by the of the Ladies of Calcutta,the Nun Committee, a large gathering of the people of Calcutta and Bishop Carew, and thereafter they were installed at the house in Middleton Row. Earlier occupants of the building included Henry Vansittart, Governor of Bengal (1760-64),Sir Elijah Impey, first Chief Justice of the Supreme Court at Calcutta (1774-82) and from 1824, the Second Anglican Bishop of Calcutta, Bishop Heber. On January 10,1842, Loreto House School was opened in this building. Meanwhile, the construction of St. Thomas' Church, on the same premises had begun from November 11,1841. The Catholic Archbishop of Calcutta, Bishop. Carew, also constructed a residence for himself next to the church and at the doorstep of Loreto House. This building was then known as St. Thomas' House. The only original buildings on the premises now are St. Thomas' Church and a part of the building where the college was first established. The Provincial of the Loreto institute in India now resides within the walls that first housed Loreto College. The Sisters began the school at Loreto House with 60 pupils as well as taking classes in the orphanage at the Murgihatta Cathedral in keeping with Mary Ward's dictum to "love the poor". Thus began this long and wonderful journey of Loreto House that stands tall and proud,as an ever evolving dynamic educational institution, that priorities the wholistic development of the girls put into its care. The pupils of this institution are set ideals that expect them to put in selfless service for the betterment of the world and its people, and for their own character formation. They are encouraged to guide their lives and deeds, motivated by ethical and moral values. The school aims to provide the best of Indian and Western values, as well as the timeless ancient and the progressive modern. It endeavours to put into its daily living the ever inspiring maxim of its foundress Mary Ward,- "Do good and do it well".
  • ICSE
  • English
  • Day School
  • Girls Only
  • School provides transportation
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THE INSTITUTE OF THE BLESSED VIRGIN MARY (LORETO) was founded by Mary Ward (1585-1645), a dynamic English Catholic lady, during the most turbulent times in England when Catholics were being persecuted, and Europe was being troubled by religious intolerance and the rights of women were unheard of.
It was under these circumstances that Mary Ward, who had been called to a religious life when she was all of 15 years, took it upon herself to envision a very active order, working in society for the education and upliftment of women. The task set by our foundress continues to be carried out by her spiritual daughters and Mary Ward herself remains as an ever inspiring figure to young women worldwide. On 19th December 2009, Pope Benedict XVI declared Mary Ward as Venerable and recognition was given to her as a woman of heroic virtue
  • Grades: LKG, UKG, 1-12
  • School Day: 5 days
  • Timing: Winter & summer 7:40-1:40p.m
  • Gender: Girls Only
  • Religion: All
  • Principal: Sr. Phyllis Morris
  • Curriculum: ICSE
  • Language: English
  • Fees: Contact to School website
Loreto House aims at providing an education that encompasses the mind, body and spirit of every child who enters its portals. Its infrastructure and the facilities it offers help in the realization of this goal, as indicated by the following list :
  • PRAYER ROOM : A prayer room on the ground floor of the main school building has been done up to provide teachers and children a space to experience moments of peace , silence and spiritual upliftment to connect with one's inner self and the Almighty Creator.
  • CATECHISM ROOM : A well- equipped Catechism room enables Catechism classes to be imparted in a peaceful serene atmosphere. Besides this, the Catholic children also attend First Friday Mass/ Mass on special occasions in the St Thomas Church with which Loreto House has been so closely associated always.
  • LABORATORIES : Loreto House takes pride in its well equipped and well maintained laboratories for various subjects. The laboratories facilitate experiential learning. They have borne testimony to the designing of some very innovative working models produced for the Science Exhibition held in 2010.
    • Physics Laboratory :Experiments performed in the Physics Laboratory ensure a better understanding of all concepts relating to matter and different forms of energy. These not only prepare students of classes 9 to 12 for their Board Examinations but also enable them to see the application of concepts practically, in their day to day life.
    • Chemistry Laboratory :Chemical analysis of compounds, separation of mixtures, titrations, reactivity of metals and different types of reactions all appear so much more interesting when children perform experiments in this laboratory. An element of magic is experienced while observing different reactions. Children of classes 5 and 6 also look forward to coming to the laboratory for guided tours.
    • Biology Laboratory :Science classes get infused with excitement when children observe life under a microscope, carry out food tests, and observe physiological processes such as photosynthesis, transpiration and respiration through experiments or working models in the Biology Laboratory.
    • Computer Science Laboratory :The Computer Science Laboratory in the school is always a hub of activity. It has 27 computers complete with internet facility available. Not only does it cater to the academic needs of students in classes 5 to 12, it is also used by the TTC Department to impart training in computer skills to the aspiring trainees.
    • Home Science Laboratory :Walk past this laboratory and aromas or flavors of different cuisines attract one's attention. The creative talents of children find expression in the very aesthetic flower arrangements/decorations or the colorful rangolis that they make which are visual treats. The Home Science Laboratory is well equipped with a microwave oven, gas stoves and a refrigerator to ensure that Home Science candidates from classes 9 to 12 receive adequate training in culinary skills too.
  • LIBRARIES Three well stocked libraries (Senior School, Middle School and Junior School) are the pride of Loreto House. They are proof of the importance laid on good reading habits that the institution chooses to inculcate in children. Books on various subjects under the Science, Humanities and Commerce streams along with books on Theology, Biographies, Encyclopedias, Fiction and Non-fiction books add to the intellectual wealth and information contained in the three libraries. They provide students and teachers a resource bank to enhance knowledge, research and learning during reference periods. Books can be accessed by girls of different classes in the three libraries for reading purposes.
  • AUDIO-VISUAL ROOM A large air-conditioned audio-visual room allows for the screening of movies/PowerPoint presentations for teaching purposes and which is often used by teachers effectively. A laptop with a projector is available for the purpose.
  • SMART BOARDS :Smart Boards have been installed in classes 4 to 7 to ensure that the teaching- learning process can be made more interesting and in tandem with the times.
  • AUDITORIUM Loreto House has an air-conditioned auditorium. Its wooden flooring and stage along with excellent acoustics ensure its optimum use for various events. Several programmers which include theatre festivals, special assemblies, orientation days, parent-teacher meetings, outreach programmers (such as Mentis and We Care),plays, exhibitions, speech and drama classes, music and dance classes as well as intra and inter- school events are conducted in this auditorium. A hall attached to the Junior School wing too serves a similar purpose.
  • BASKETBALL COURTS Loreto House has always prided itself on the high standards maintained by its basketball teams. Three basketball courts have witnessed the budding of some outstanding basketball players playing at the state and national levels. Interschool tournaments and regular coaching for these tournaments are a constant feature on these courts.
  • PLAYGROUND : To ensure that the mind is active and is housed in a healthy body, Loreto House has a small playground where children run and play during their Physical Education classes. Junior school children are often seen playing gleefully on the see-saw, slides, jungle-Jim and swings.
  • SICK ROOMS Three "sick rooms" (one each for the Senior, Middle and Junior School) ensure that a sick/hurt child is attended to while her parents/ guardians are intimated and till they arrive to collect the child.
  • CANTEEN During the break time, children of all age groups love to throng to the canteen which offers them mouth watering delights.
Besides the above, fire safety measures are in place in the school and an endeavor is being made to conduct fire safety drills in this session.
Extra Curricular Activities
School Events:
The school calendar is filled with numerous events that aim to provide a holistic education to its pupils. Commemoration of important National Days like Independence Day, Republic Day, Birth Anniversaries of important personalities like, our founder Mary Ward and Rabindranath Tagore, the celebration of the various festivals of India, the marking of important International Days like Labour Day, Earth Day, Human Rights Day, Teachers’ Day and Children’s Day, are on the regular schedule of our school
A small glimpse of our Co-curricular Activities:
Whether it is the sporting arena which tests the limits of the body, or the stage which displays the histrionic talents of the individual, or a symposium where ideas converge and are assimilated, or even subject-specific exhibitions which display the practical relevance of the subject, Loreto House aims to provide its pupils adequate opportunities to discover and hone their potential in diverse fields.
The Loreto House School Building and Academics:
Covering the length of three basketball courts, along with a spacious lawn for children to play in, Loreto House offers in abundance to its pupils something which is in very short supply in the city today- and that is ample space for the pupils to play, learn and grow! Shaded by trees, and serenaded very often by a variety of birds, that call out from these verdant havens, the school accommodates pupils from the ages of 4 to 18, on a single campus!
Social Service Projects:
The school puts special emphasis on inculcating the spirit of service in its pupils through various programmes. Organisations such as the JPIC and LTS operate at the school level, training pupils to be agents of social change. These also offer vocational guidance to the needy to realise the dream of women’s empowerment. Besides this, there are two special programmes organised and conducted by the students- the “Mentaid” programme which fosters a close interaction with children with special needs and the “We Care” programme, which aims to sensitize the pupils to the needs of the senior citizens who reside in the various old age homes of the city.
Some of our Activity Club Events:
In keeping with our belief that the potential of every child needs to be identified and channelized, the school has set up various Activity Clubs, as varied as a Dance Club, a Cookery Club, Mathematics and Science Clubs, to cater to the diverse talents of the pupils. Each club, led by a set of teachers, then in turn, organises multiple activities to showcase the talent of its members.
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