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Hansraj Morarji Public School, Andheri (West)

  • Indian(CBSE)
  • English
  • Residential, Day School
  • Locality:Andheri (West)
  • Landmark:Near Bhavans Collages
  • Full Address:Munshi nagar, D.N.Road, Andheri (West), Mumbai - 400 058.
  • Phone No:26707991, 26232467
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  • Locality:Andheri (West)
  • Landmark:Near Bhavans Collages
  • Full Address:Munshi nagar, D.N.Road, Andheri (West), Mumbai - 400 058.
  • Phone No:26707991, 26232467
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The Hansraj Morarji Public School established in the year 1939 is located in Andheri (West), a suburb of Mumbai. The idyllic beauty of the premises provides an ideal location for education in this concrete jungle of Mumbai. The pollution free verdant campus is an oasis in this notoriously polluted metropolis. The place is a marvel in Mumbai and is to be seen to be believed.The HMP School is a member of Indian Public School Conference (IPSC), believes in creating mature & knowledgeable individual who are our asset to the society. Discipline, personality development with a respect for Indian traditional values & culture are important aspect which are developed and nurtured at the HMP School. For us a child is not just a student, but he is part of a movement that strives to create a world which believes in a wholesome combination of tradition and modernity.
  • Indian(CBSE)
  • English
  • Residential, Day School
  • Boys Only
  • School provides transportation
Admission Schedule
  • I to XII
  • CBSE Board
  • English Medium
  • Day Cum Residential School
  • Boys School
  • School provides transportation
  • Grades: 1-12
  • School Day: Monday to Saturday
  • Timing: N.A.
  • Gender: Boys Only
  • Religion: All
  • Principal: Mrs.Anjana Prakash
  • Curriculum: Indian(CBSE)
  • Language: English
  • Fees: Contact to school
Hansraj Morarji Public School firmly believes that for any public school to prosper, the institution has to be a micro world in itself. Our sprawling campus gives us this advantage. From spacious classrooms to specialized labs for different subjects like physics, chemistry, biology, computer science and geography; and comfortable hostel for boys HMPS has it all.

Well laid out playgrounds are available for outdoor games and sports like cricket, football, Basket ball, Volley ball, Tennis etc. The school has twelve world class synthetic deco turfs tennis courts in the campus, probably only place in India where such a facility is available. The school has six well laid cricket pitches available for practice . Experienced coaches are at hand for different games to hone raw talent and cultivate budding sportspersons.
The school has the following facilities :

  1. Computer training for all.
  2. Swimming for the residential boys.
  3. Well equipped science labs.
  4. Well equipped science labs.
  5. Nourishing palatable vegetarian meals are served in spacious dinning hall.
  6. Qualified coaches for training boys in cricket, tennis, judo, football,basketball & swimming.
    cricket pitch with green grass top.
  7. Theatre & Multipurpose Hall.
  8. Well stocked school library.
  9. Very good academic standards.
  10. Stress on personality and character building.
  11. Audio - visual room for screening educational films.
  12. AYAKSHA (School Wellness Clinic) for the school student’s health and routine checkup, etc.
Extra Curricular Activities
In keeping with our belief that education is not only about text books HM Public School offers its students a range of extra-curricular activities to choose from. From adventure sports to music and from skating to gymnastics, students are given ample opportunities to indulge their creative energies. Tours to different locations are undertaken regularly to familiarize students with places of importance, historical or otherwise. Enviorntal Study tours, too, are organized so that students get a feel of nature's pristine glory and thereby learn to respect its sanctity. Various clubs are also present so that students can follow their hobbies and interests fruitfully.
Boarders are also taught the values of discipline and self-reliance. To develop character, comradeship, secular outlook, spirit of adventure and the ideals of selfless service amongst the youth of the country, the NCC with Army & Navy wings is present in the campus. A sophisticated gymnasium and martial art training ensures that students can keep themselves fit and at the same time learn the value of self-control and humility that different martial arts inculcate.
Following activities are available for boys:- Extra Cultural Activities
    1. Work Experience

      Computer training is compulsory for all students in work experience. A computer laboratory with fifty computers and art gallery are added attractions.

    1. N.C.C.

      The school has two junior division N.C.C. units, one each for the Army and the Navy. The units are under the care of qualified and trained officer masters. A ten day annual training camps is an exciting inducement a fetching attraction to join and stay with the N.C.C. units.

    1. Scouting

      Scouting is provided as an alternative to N.C.C. for students of VIIIth to Xth standards.

    1. M.C.C.

      Boys of the IX standards who are not in N.C.C. shall have to undergo compulsory M.C.C. training.

    1. Activities.

        1. Co-Curricular Activities.

          Great stress is laid on acquiring fluency in expression and broadening the horizons of the students. Debates, Declamations, elocutions, quizzes, extempore speeches, essay & story writing competitions etc. are conducted regularly on all Saturdays to develop confidence and language facility. Educational tours are organised to supplement the class-room instructions.

        1. Morning Assembly.

          The Morning Prayer assembly conducted daily provides good opportunity to all boys to face an audience and get over their stage-fright. Boys from different standards are nominated by turns to read the news, read a paper on a topical subject and speak off the cuff on a subject given to them just a few minutes before the assembly. This ensures that all boys face the assembly at least half a dozen times before leaving the school.
    2. Educational Guidance.

      Guidance programme classes are conducted for weak boys.

  1. Cultural.

    Boys are encouraged to take part in dramatics to develop self-confidence and to get over stage-fright. Various cultural programmes in English, Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi are put up to help boys with varying degree of fluency in one or more of the four languages to discover, display, exploit and develop their histrionic talents.

Hobby Class
  • Hobbies.

    Hobbies are must for all residential students. Different options for developing a creative pastime exist. The boys have a wide choice from painting wood-craft, flower making, plastic wire-work, music, dramatics, philately, hiking and trekking, story writing, rifle club, gymnastics, karate, band, science club etc. for their hobbies. Day boarders can join any hobby on payment of a suitable charge.

Sports Coaching

  1. Sports.

      1. Games & physical training are compulsory for all boys facilities for playing all major games like cricket, football, volleyball, basetball, badminton, tennis, judo etc. exist in the school. Aside from as many as twelve tennis courts now available to the boys, there are four cemented basket-ball courts and as many volley ball courts are available to the boys. Kho-Kho, Kabbadi are also played. Qualified and experienced coaches are made available for foot-ball, cricket, basket ball, athletic, tennis, gymnastics and judo.

    1. swimming is organised once a week for all residential boys at the swimming pool of the H.M.Health club next door.

  2. Trips.

    Organised trips to places of interest in and outside the country are organised to widen the horizons of the students. The cost for all such trips is payable by the parents.

Computer Training

    1. Others.

      1. Computer training for all.

        Facility for computer course and training exist on the campus. The school has two air-conditioned computer laboratories, with forty computers each, to enable each student to work on a computer for a spell of seventy minutes per week.

      1. Publications.

        To develop the literary potential of the boys, the school publishes bulletins and an annual number where in the writings of the boys are published.

    1. School Calendar.

      The school publishes calendar which gives comprehensive information about the various activities planned fro the academic year and its almost an article of faith to keep to it as closely as possible.
Additional Details
The school owes its existents to a large hearted, philanthropist Seth Hansraj Morarji and his equally noble and generous wife Smt Bai Kabibai. Their life history of rags to riches reads like a fairy tale. Shri Hansraj Morarji came to Mumbai from his native village in Gujarat with practically nothing except his honesty, sincerity, perseverance, assiduity and dedication which ultimately helped him forge well past his objective and before departing for heavenly abode he bequeathed a large some of money and considerable immovable property to his wife, Bai Kabibai. As the couple had no offspring, Smt Bai Kabibai on the advice of her close relations and well wishers decided to form a trust with the money and the property bequeathed. The trust was formed in 1939 with the stipulation that if would set up among other institutions a Public school. This idea materialised in the same year when Dr. K.M. Munshi, the then Home Minister of Mumbai, (as Maharastra state was then known) and chairman of Bai Kabibai and Hansraj Morarji Charity Trust, secured for the school a large plot of land at Andheri. A big plot of land was later taken over by the Government for locating a wireless station. The school now has a sprawling campus of nearly 28 acres.


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