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Genius Educational Academy, Tal Choroyasi

  • CBSE
  • English
  • Day School
  • Locality:Tal Choroyasi
  • Landmark:At Mohini
  • Full Address:Aniya-Chalthan Road, At Mohini, Tal Choroyasi, Surat.
  • Phone No:90999 10106, 94294 87733
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  • Locality:Tal Choroyasi
  • Landmark:At Mohini
  • Full Address:Aniya-Chalthan Road, At Mohini, Tal Choroyasi, Surat.
  • Phone No:90999 10106, 94294 87733
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All of us wish to provide our kids with the best things in the world. At Genius Educational Academy we work together with you to nurture academic, career oriented, social and life skills necessary for the bright future of the students. Our mission is to provide a learning institute for children which is focused on the advanced development of little minds and talents through communication, language, math, science, reading, writing, general knowledge, the arts and sports by exploring their creativity and engaging both child and parent within the educational experience.
  • CBSE
  • English
  • Day School
  • Co-Educational
  • School provides transportation
Admission Schedule
  • Playgroup to XII
  • CBSE Board
  • English Medium
  • Day School
  • Co-ed School
  • School provides transportation
  • Grades: Playgroup, 1-12
  • School Day: Monday - Saturday
  • Timing: 10am - 5pm
  • Gender: Co-Educational
  • Religion: All
  • Principal: N.A.
  • Curriculum: CBSE
  • Language: English
  • Fees: Contact to school
We invite you to visit our campus to see our State of the Art facilities in terms of our exceptional technology, teaching aids, transportation system, language lab and much more. As educators and life-shapers we have the opportunity to create an environment for every child’s success in school, in society and in life. Our constant efforts to value children as individuals and encourage their unique contributions to the classroom and campus instill a passion for learning that will last for a lifetime. 

Facilities by the Trust: 
 The Trust organizes gymnastics, dancing, music, martial arts, swimming, and skating training camps for the all round development of the students. Besides, the Trust also manages the transportation and food facilities at the school.

 Genius Educational Academy has focused on the technological developments going on around the world and wishes to train each little Genius with computer skills to improve upon his future educational, professional and social integration. Through the use of the latest technology, our little Geniuses expand their aptitude and understand the application of their concepts and knowledge in the future. 

Smart Class: 
 These classrooms give the children the opportunities for independent discoveries and cooperative learning while they are guided to explore their inner strengths. Through online games, quizzes, tests, drawing programs and basic computer skill lessons, the kids at Genius Educational Academy get equipped and ready for their future tasks and challenges. 

English Language Learning Lab (ELL): 
 At this age our little learners are involved in improving and amplifying their language skills. We encourage the children to become more independent and provide them with untiring enthusiasm as well as tools to explore and learn new and competent language skills.

Online Exams: 
 For proper, prompt and correct assessment of the students. 

Online Student Evaluation: 
For updating the performances of students constantly the students are evaluated online regularly.

Regular Medical Check-up: 
For assuring good health of the students, because health comes first, whether it is physical or mental.

Online Bus Tracking: 
For the convenience, safety and security of the students and assurance of the parents and school authorities.

Constant Monitoring: 
For constant supervision on the students and the teaching-learning process, all the classroom activities are continuously monitored with CCTV cameras. 

Parent Resources: 
A child's own parent is the best person at providing a secure, warm and blooming environment for him. We understand that it is important to ensure your child is getting the best attention and childcare experience possible. Not only do we treat each child like they are our own, but we work with you to ensure your child is receiving the best opportunity to learn, grow and develop social skills necessary for success in the real world. 

We believe in constant communication and require our parents to communicate with our entire team to ensure we are bringing out your child's full genius. We invite parents to interact with teachers to ensure that the inputs given to our students are taught and sustained for long periods. As a whole, Genius Educational Academy stands as a perfect place for learning different life skills for every child.

Extra Curricular Activities
Additional Details
At Genius Educational Academy, the students are taught to think promptly, act quickly, focus on problem solving, decision making and self-help, while promoting interpersonal communication. These are the key elements which contribute to the child’s development, self respect and self-belief. The mentors at Genius Educational Academy continuously make sincere efforts to provide the finest education and life skills to the children. Vision:
 Our belief is that education is an enlivening, interactive, and life-long experience. Education can be complete only when it is multi-faceted and it blends academics, sports, arts, music, value education and concern for nature. Our vision is to help every child dream high and encourage, enthuse and enable him to achieve his dreams.


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