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  • Experience:I had Eight and a Half Years Teaching Experience in Engineering College and Five Years Experience in Home Tutions.
  • Qualification:M.Tech
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Teaches: IT, Computer Science, Computer, MCA Subjects, BCA Subjects, School level computer, MS Office, Computer for official job, Basic Computer

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5 Years

I had Eight and a Half Years Teaching Experience in Engineering College and Five Years Experience in Home Tutions.

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Home Tuition Only

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I will conduct tests at a end of week to understand the student capability. Also i Put PPT for better understandablility.

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Technology MCA Subjects, BCA Subjects INR 200.00 /hour
College Level Computer Science, IT, English Medium INR 200.00 /hour
Engineering Subjects IT, Computer INR 200.00 /hour
Basic Computer / Office School level computer, Computer for official job, Basic Computer, MS Office INR 200.00 /hour
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Default Arguments And Access Specifiers In C+...
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This deals with the Default Arguments and Access Specifiers that is used in C++

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Answered by me [12]

  • What is MS Word? Posted in: MS Office | Date: 27/02/2017

    Microsoft Office is the package and Microsoft Word is one of them. MS - Word is mainly used of Documentation purpose by which user can type and also draw as per his/her requirements. It's a user friendly application because of its GUI Platform.

  • Web Browsers are used to surf over the Internet (or) Networks of Networks. It acts as a tool between User and Computer with GUI Platform. Web Browsers are created by languages like PHP and DOT.NET. Some of its examples are,

    1. Mozilla Firefox,

    2. Netscape Navigator,<...

  • What are dummy arguments? Posted in: Computer | Date: 27/02/2017

    Dummy (or) Formal Argument is used for Called Function in Function Concepts. Calling Function having the Actual Arguments. Dummy Arguments and Actual Arguments must be different.

  • 1. Conventional Program (Or) Procedure Oriented Programming(POP) follows Top - Down Approach, Whereas Object Oriented Programming(OOP) follows Bottom - Up Approach.

    2. In POP the enitre program divided into modules called as Functions, whereas in OOP entire things got splitted...

  • What is a Pure Virtual Function? Posted in: Computer | Date: 27/02/2017

    If the Virtual Function in the Base Class is equlaized to Zero then it is called as Pure Virtual Function. In Short it can be also told as the function doesnot used for Object Creation is equalized to Zero which in turn called as Pure Virtual Function.

    virtual void add() = 0 i...

  • What is operator overloading ? Posted in: Computer | Date: 27/02/2017

    Operator Overloading is one of the concept of Compile Time Polymorphism. The Operator is insisted to do another work (or) to overloaded to do some other work is called as Operator Overloading. For Example, '+' is used to add two numbers in C (or) C++, but the same is also used for Strin...

  • Why OLE is used? Posted in: Computer | Date: 27/02/2017

    OLE is the Acronym of Object Linking and Embedding. OLE is used to Link and Embed the applications within same application, It reduces the time for the user. For example, if the user needs the spreadsheet package (MS Excel) while he/she working in documentation (MS Word) means then with...

  • What are derived and base classes? Posted in: Computer | Date: 27/02/2017

    Inheritance is one of the famous concept in Object Oriented Programming Paradigms. It means all the properties of one is transferred to another that means technically, the class, object, member data and member functions of Class A is transfered to Class B. Here the Class A is called as ...

  • Object is a Living and Non - Living things. An instance of a class is also known as an Object. Object is an Runtime entities.

    Its Syntax is:    Object_name;

    Example :  Ship;

    Class is a collection of objects of similar type which act...

  • Stack is called as Last In First Out (LIFO). The element which is inserted at last can accessed first. It has TWO Operations Push and Pop. In this Push is used to insert an element, Pop is used to delete an element. The Stack Pointer is used to point out the element in the Stack. I...

  • Call by Value - The value can be passed as an argument to the function call. Call by Reference - This is an indirect method of calling. The address is passed as a reference to the function call with the help of the addressof Operator (&).
  • There are FIVE Phases in Software Development, 1. Analysis, 2. Design, 3. Coding, 4. Testing, 5. Maintenance.

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